Why GoPro Hero 8 Won’t Connect to App? (Cause and Fix)
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Why GoPro Hero 8 Won’t Connect to App? (Cause and Fix)

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GoPro Hero 8 is an amazing camera for shooting travel and action. It has a great indoor and outdoor experience. But recently some users cannot connect their camera to the GoPro app. 

It always says “Try Again” after pairing is done. It makes the owners very upset because they cannot access the files and the footage from the camera. 

It is a very simple way to solve. The camera cannot connect to the app because it has missed some firmware updates. If the camera or the phone had any connection malfunction it also cannot connect to the app. This article will tell you why GoPro Hero 8 won’t connect to app and how to solve it. 

Why Do You Face The Connection Problem On GoPro Hero 8?

GoPro is very good at updating its firmware. One of the main reasons GoPro is still competing with the other action camera brands like DJI, Xiaomi Yi, or Mijia. GoPro has their software support and keeps updating and working on them. 

The years-old camera like GoPro Hero 8 still gets the software update from GoPro just well enough to survive in the action camera’s competition. If you miss some of the updates of course it cannot perform well. And one of the problems you will face first is the connection problem with the app.

Another reason could be if you factory reset your phone that you have connected your camera. Mainly factory reset will remove all the app data received from the app and the camera. 

So,if you hard reset your phone the connection problem could arise as it has no pre-saved data to work precisely.  

How Do I Fix The GoPro Hero 8 Connection Problem?

Step 01: Update the system. (Camera and the App on the phone)

Update your GoPro Hero 8 to the latest firmware and update the phone’s GoPro App.

To update you have to download and install the GoPro App on your mobile device. Keep your camera battery fully charged and pair the camera with the Quik (GoPro App). O

nce both devices are paired, follow the instructions to update them automatically.

The software download screen will look like this:

During the update, your camera will turn on and off automatically and the screen will flicker. And after the update is completed the camera will return to normal.

In Desktop, you have to update the camera firmware manually. Check the procedures below:

  • You will need a fully charged battery, Micro SD card, SD card adapter, and a computer to update manually. 
  • Get the serial number from the battery compartment or access the number from the camera’s 

“Preference” > “About” > “Camera info”

  • Go to gopro.com/update and register your camera with the serial number you just found from the camera. 
  • Download the latest firmware update for the camera.
  • Extract the download file, connect a micro SD card to your computer and transfer the extracted file to the SD card. 
  • Insert the SD card and fully charged battery into the camera.
  • Turn on the camera and it will automatically run the update. 

To update your GoPro Hero 8 manually, click on this link to have thorough instructions. Or watch this video

[Note: Make sure the SD card you use to update the camera is fully compatible with the GoPro. Otherwise, you might have trouble updating. ]

After updating the camera, make sure you have the latest GoPro Quik app from the app store. 

  • To update go to the app store and find the Quik app. And you will see an option named Update if there is any update available. 

Step 2: Reset the connection setting on GoPro Hero 8

To reset the Wi-Fi settings you have to find the connection settings. 

To access the connection settings,

  • Swipe down. (you will see a dashboard)
  • Tap “Preference” > “Connections” > “Reset Connections”
  • The camera will show you this screen and start the resetting process

Step 3: Delete the camera’s Wi-Fi and connect it again


  • Open the list of Wi-Fi networks
  • Select the GoPro Hero 8’s network
  • Tap and hold the icon and select “Forget”


  • Go to Wi-Fi from the settings
  • Select the GoPro’s network
  • And tap “Forget this network”

After doing this you will reset the camera’s connection to your phone. After that pair the camera again and connect the camera with the app. 

After this, you won’t find any connection error. And your GoPro Hero 8 will connect to the App easily. 

Final Words

I know how frustrating it is when you cannot access the footage of your favorite moment. Quik is the app from GoPro that allows you to access and operate the camera’s gallery and the settings respectively. 

According to some community forums, the GoPro Hero 8 is a great action camera you can use for action photography. But missing some updates can make you suffer from connection problems. 

That’s why I described, why GoPro Hero 8 won’t connect to app and how to fix the problem.

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