How to turn off GoPro? Top 2 basic methods
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How to turn off GoPro? Top 2 basic methods

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How to turn off GoPro? Deactivating a device is as important as activating it. However, cutting off GoPro cameras is a simple task.

How to turn off GoPro

The current article examines the methods for powering down the GoPro, ensuring its smooth use.

Preparing to shut down

Before you turn off your GoPro, here’s what you need to do:

  • ascertain the recorder is not active.
  • close all apps connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.
  • ascertain that the memory space is available.
  • check the GoPro battery is charged.

Once completed, you can move on to deactivating your GoPro.

Stop recording

Be ascertain to stop recording on your GoPro. To do that, go to the Mode button. Choose ‘Shutter Release‘ – the orange knob at the top of the camera.

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When the camera stops and the video-taking icon disappears, it means the functioning has stopped.

If you are using the camera in a housing, you may need to push the knob repeatedly to adjust the regime.

Switching to the off-regime

The Mode button is the key to activate and deactivate/turn off GoPro. Hold it to see the Power Off display appear, indicating that GoPro is deactivating.

Listen for signals and watch for the red light to know the camera is deactivating.

To ascertain that the GoPro camera is off, hold the Mode button firmly. These actions help you to turn off your GoPro.

Auto Power Off

To turn off your GoPro using the Auto Power-Off, ascertain GoPro is not performing any operations. The Auto Power Off on most GoPro has a ‘POWER’ sign.

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Activating the Auto Power Off to allow GoPro turn off is very simple, the key is to do it right.

Open the settings through the menu, find the Auto Power-Off option, and enable it.

To adjust the standby duration, swipe left, tap preferences, and select 5 min, 30 min, or never.

For example, the Fusion lacks an Auto Power-Off. However, it will automatically turn itself off after 7 minutes of passive state.

By using the Auto Power-Off function, you need not worry about overheating of your device.

Methods to switch off the GoPro

In addition to the automatic shut-off, there are several core methods to disable the GoPro that any user should know.

Voice commands

To ensure your new GoPro turn-off, go to the voice control with the GoPro turn off voice command.

For voice control, ensure that you are in a calm place as any noise can affect the outcome.

Voice commands work best when you are near the GoPro.

To enable or disable voice command control, go to the Options menu and select ‘Enable voice commands’, followed by your desired option.

If you’re enabling voice control for the first time, you will need to activate it with a voice command ‘GoPro, start voice control’ and then confirm the activation. Next, utter a ‘GoPro turn off’ to shut down the camera.

Please remember that voice control will stop working when the camera stops.

Quick Capture

Another method to turn off GoPro is the Quick Capture. It prolongs the power by cutting off the power when the GoPro has a shooting regime.

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To take a video, apply the special knob. The GoPro will give the signal then automatically turn on and start recording.

During recording, the GoPro lights will blink.

To turn off your GoPro, repeat the same actions used for starting it. As a result, the unit will emit a series of signals and stop working. It will then automatically turn off.

Since Quick Capture is enabled by default, you can easily change the settings. Swipe left, tap preferences, and remove the default option.

That’s all, no special skills are needed to shut off the camera using this function.

Final words

To maximize the full potential of this gadget, it is crucial to understand how to turn off GoPro.

You can turn off your GoPro whenever necessary.

But if you do run into difficulties while trying to turn off GoPro, always check the manuals.

Topics & Questions

Below are topics and questions that touch on how to turn off GoPro camera.

How do I shut off my GoPro 11?

To turn off your GoPro, hold the Mode button for 2 sec. The signals and blinking lighting will let you know you’ve done the right thing and your device will shut down.

How do I turn my GoPro Hero 4 off?

Hold the Mode button for a while. When you hear a sound and the LED flashes, your GoPro will turn off.
You also have a second variant, which is the voice command ‘GoPro turn off‘.

How do you power off the GoPro Hero session?

Since the camera will remain active even after you take a picture, push the knob or hold the Mode button to turn off GoPro.

Where is the power button on a GoPro?

The most important control is positioned on the front panel, clearly visible to the user.