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About Me

About Me
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Established in April of 2022, Camera Troop is a leading publication covering the wonderful world of cameras. Both digital and vintage, we love photography, and we want to see others love it too. Our goal is to inform and educate individuals regarding photography and cameras.

Camera Troop was created as a means to express the passion of two young enthusiasts of the art of photography. It also acts as our medium to resonate with other like-minded individuals over the internet and extend our reach.

And with the integration of other authors, Camera Troop is slowly reaching the traction it has always wanted.

Any of your queries, needed guides, and whatnot regarding cameras and photography can all be found here. We try our best to address the most common topics in order to give our readers the absolute best.

We follow the advice we provide and practice what we preach, particularly when it comes to purchasing guidance. If we recommend a camera to you, it’s because we’ve tested it thoroughly and are certain that it will live up to our expectations.

Likewise, if a good or service doesn’t live up to expectations, we’ll let you know too. We assist everyone from first-time camera purchasers to seasoned experts to locate the best gear – and educate them on how to use it – with educational lessons, straightforward evaluations, and in-depth buying recommendations.

Kawsar Ahmed: Together with Founder Rejuan, Kawsar established Camera Troop as a way to share their passion for all things camera-related. He is mostly in charge of the extensive research that goes into each piece and the page’s SEO. His shared passion with Rejuan, regarding all things camera-related, has led to the creation of Camera Troop. 

Rejuan Talukder Alif: The primary content management process for the entire page is under the control of Rejuan. His managerial abilities are a key component of the system’s framework. Not to mention his chemistry with Founder 1 has acted as the key structural pillar of Camera Troop.

Sadman Shoumik: Sadman has had a deep enthusiasm for photography and all things camera-related since he was a little boy. This website provides a channel for him to communicate his enthusiasm to a greater audience. As well as providing him with the opportunity to explore different sectors within this realm.

Turza Farhan: The astute observations of Turza have produced a number of fascinating findings and works that unquestionably merit praise. Early in his adolescence, he developed a passion for photography, which has propelled him ever since. And with his inclusion in Camera Troop, the growth of the website has accelerated quite a decent amount.

Samil Shimazu: One of the team’s most enthusiastic member’s despite being the youngest. His work makes it apparent that he is passionate about both old-fashioned and modern cameras. Driven by passion along with a measurable amount of knowledge and skill, he constantly makes contributions to the growth of the site.

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