24p 100m vs 24p 60m: What Is The Importance Of Choosing The Right Bitrate For Video?

Bitrate or bits per second is the amount of information recorded per second. Whether it be audio, video or streaming choosing the right bitrate is a crucial aspect as it most often decides the production quality. When recording videos at 4k resolution, most people use the 100mbps or 60mbps bitrate configuration as these deliver the…

150mm vs 200mm Lens: The Different Focal Lengths and Their Use Scenarios

To understand photography, one must know the different focal lengths. Having this understanding helps photographers take their skills to the next level and produce outstanding images consistently. 150mm and 200mm are both tight angle-of-view lenses. They can be used for portraits, weddings, sports etc. The 200mm lenses can even be viable options for wildlife photography….