How Do I Use Invisible Selfie Stick on GoPro Max?
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How Do I Use Invisible Selfie Stick on GoPro Max?

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The GoPro Max comes with a grip that automatically crops the stand and adjusts in real time. However, many find the crop isn’t done well and there’s a clear crop line that looks weird as well. The probable reason would be the grip’s close distance.

So, how do I make my GoPro Max stick invisible?

To deal with the issue, use the Insta360 invisible selfie stick which works much better.

We’ll talk about it in detail in the following article. So, without further delay, let’s start with it!

What is Invisible Stick Mode on GoPro?

Before starting with how to make a selfie stick invisible GoPro, let’s talk about what invisible stick mode actually is.

Well, this is actually a floating camera effect only possible with a 360-degree angle camera. It creates an ambiance that looks like the camera is floating in the middle of the air by digitally vanishing the stick from the photo.

The invisible selfie stick mood is one of the most unique and appealing features of a 360 camera. Being a 3-D mode, the feature is only available on any 360 cameras.

When you record 360 degrees, you need to attach multiple photos together to make an output. While doing so, the technology smartly ignores the exitance of the selfie stick.

Invisible Selfie Stick How It Works?

To make your selfie stick invisible, you need to attach the stick to the camera as usual. But there’s a catch that makes the difference.

The selfie stick will be visible at any particular angle you attach until it is placed in parallel with the lens.

As long as the stick is put within the same plane as the camera itself, it lens becomes invisible.

You can get the same effect using a tripod as well. Just make sure that the selfie stick is always in between the lens and not pointing upwards as we always keep it. Rather, the camera needs to be pointing outwards.

That’s how you get an uninterrupted capture or record of 360-degree views with an invisible selfie stick. If you aren’t clear still, see how to Get the Invisible Selfie Stick/Floating Camera Effect for a better understanding.

Which Selfie Stick to Use?

Well, now it’s time to get into business. Your GoPro Max should come with a grip that allows you to have the invisible stick feature. But as mentioned earlier, the grip’s length is short. This is why the crop of the stick looks so sharp and disturbing as well.

Insta360 works as a great alternative to GoPro 10 invisible stick having a longer length. This is hugely popular amongst vloggers and reviewed by many.

The best invisible stick for GoPro max is made of carbon fiber and aluminum that make it strong enough to last long. It creates amazing results with the invisible stick mode. Moreover, the gear works with all 360 cameras.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a floating camera?

There’re no real floating cameras thanks to the gravity. The movable camera with no fixed orientation is known to be floating. It allows 3D navigation with multi-directional control.

How do you hide a GoPro on a selfie stick?

A GoPro camera and a selfie stick can be made invisible with a small trick. Just place the camera parallel to the stick outwards. You will no longer see the stick. It only works on a 360 camera such as GoPro Max.

Does GoPro have an invisible selfie stick?

GoPro Max comes with a grip that can be turned into invisible with a little adjustment.

Final Words

So, I hope now you know how do I make my GoPro Max stick invisible perfectly. In this article, I discussed in detail how to take 360 photos and videos without keeping the stick visible.

I hope you liked the article. If so, don’t forget to share it with your friends who may find it useful.

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