Why Can’t MAC Read My GoPro SD Card?
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Why Can’t MAC Read My GoPro SD Card?

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People buy GoPro cameras to record the most adventurous and memorable moments. They come with SD cards so that you can store photos and videos on your PC or Mac. But Mac not recognizing GoPro Hero 8 or GoPro 10 not showing up on Mac is a common problem to discuss.

Connecting the SD card to the Mac should be a simple task to do. However, Mac not recognizing the GoPro card has become a common problem.

There might be several reasons behind that such as, the card reader may not work, data may be corrupted, incompatible file system, or problematic MacOS.

This article comes with the methods of how to connect SD card to the Mac properly. So, let’s start with it.

Why Isn’t the SD Card Showing on Mac?

Well, it is hard to fix the SD card issue of GoPro with the Mac if you don’t know the possible reasons behind it. You are most likely to find the problem, especially if using GoPro HERO4 Session, HERO 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 Black versions.

Here I bring some of the probable reasons why your Mac doesn’t recognize GoPro SD card.

SD card isn’t working or formatted

The most common case would be a faulty card that you have attached. I mean, SD cards are simple and prone to stop working anytime.

That’s why if you find it doesn’t work with the Mac, you should make sure the device is active. If not, get a new one and connect with other devices.

Unrecognized file type

Being one of the most used operating systems, Mac does support several file systems. But it still doesn’t recognize many. If you use one of them, Mac won’t be able to read them.

Corrupted data

Sometimes, the data of the SD card may get corrupted for several reasons. It makes MacOS impossible to track what’s inside the card. On the other hand, sometimes the operating system itself fails to recognize data due to malware infection.

How to Fix If SD Card Not Showing on Mac?

If your GoPro hero 7 not showing up on Mac, there are some methods to fix the problem. Here I bring those with detailed instructions.

Restart the Mac

Sometimes, a simple restart fixes all your problems. It also works in recognizing the SD card. This is because the operating system works in a complex way and all individual processes may not behave as expected.

That’s why when you restart macOS, all processes can relaunch with a fresh state and there’s a high chance of recognizing the SD card.

Check Finder and Desktop Preferences

Generally, if you connect the SD card to a desktop or Mac, a notification should show up in the Finder’s sidebar and the desktop. If you don’t see one, probably you need to change the preferences for both Finder desktop and sidebar.

How to change preference in the Finder’s sidebar:

Launch the Finder app first. Then, click on the top bar and choose a preference. After that, go to the sidebar tab to make sure all items are selected.

How to change preference on your desktop:

Open Finder and click on the top bar. Then, select preference and go to the general tab. Check all the items under “Show these items on the desktop”.

Check if the SD card is working

While we see Mac not recognizing GoPro Hero 9 SD card, we should also keep in mind that the SD cards aren’t reliable to last long. In case, your Mac doesn’t identify the SD card, check if the reader is working properly. If it doesn’t, get a new one and connect to the Mac.

What Are the Other Ways to Connect GoPro to Mac?

You can connect the GoPro SD card to the Mac in three methods namely, using an SD card, image capture apps, and GoPro Quik.

Inserting the SD card is the most conventional method, but it gives trouble recognizing sometimes.

The second method connects your Mac and GoPro through a USB cable. The Apple application allows Mac users to access images and videos from the camera directly.

Quik is another way to open GoPro on Mac by connecting through a USB compatible with Mac.


After capturing great images and videos with the GoPro, you need to store them on the Mac to share those on different social media. But sometimes, things don’t work accordingly as your wish and give trouble while connecting the SD card to the Mac for several reasons.

This article discussed why Mac not reading GoPro SD card and how to deal with the problem. Hope you find it helpful. Thank you.

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