Why Won’t Gopro Hero Session Connect To The App?
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Why Won’t Gopro Hero Session Connect To The App?

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GoPro Hero Session is a compact waterproof camera that comes with an 8-megapixel lens. It is a cube-shaped rigid camera and is mainly used as a secondary camera for photographers. It has a button to turn on and take photos/ videos, and a very tiny LED screen to show the status. 

But many customers complain about the camera cannot connect to the app. As it has no functioning screen, it is quite difficult to catch the problem and fix it. 

If you miss some firmware updates, this problem could arise. Simply updating the camera will solve the problem. 

Here in below you will know how to update your camera and why the GoPro Hero session won’t connect to the app. 

Why The Camera Cannot Connect To The App?

As I already said, the main reason behind it is missing updates. The GoPro Hero Session has a very tiny LED screen that just shows you the basic settings and the video resolution. 

Having no functioning screen made the camera super vulnerable. Because it is very difficult to update and fix any issue without any working screen. But it is not impossible. To update you must have a computer to operate the camera SD card. 

And the steps are given below. 

How to Update GoPro Hero Session?

Step 1: Update the camera firmware

You have to update the camera manually. Check the procedures below:

  • To update you will need a fully charged battery, Micro SD card, SD card adapter, and a computer. 
  • Find your version of the GoPro session from the GoPro website.
  • Get the serial number from the battery compartment.
Gopro Hero Session
  • Go to gopro.com/update and register your camera with the serial number. 
  • Download the update. And whenever you check it will be the latest firmware update for the camera.
  • Connect the micro SD card to your computer and extract the download file and transfer it to the SD card. 
  • Insert the SD card and fully charged battery into the camera.
  • Turn on the camera and it will automatically start updating.  
  • After completing the update you will see this

To update your GoPro manually watch this to have thorough instructions. video. 

Note: Make sure the SD card you use to update the camera is fully compatible with the GoPro. Otherwise, you might have trouble updating. 

If you are finished updating your camera this could solve your basic problem. But If you still cannot connect the camera with the app, try the next step.

Step 2: Factory reset the camera

  • Remove your SD card from the camera. Export all the footage from it. 
  • Format your SD card. Format it as FAT32 (Default)
  • Open notepad and type “_tapp factory_reset” and save as “cal”.

Make sure you save it as a text document. 

  • Open Notepad again and type “2_mode=0” and save as “no_shutdown”
  • Copy these two files to the SD card
  • Now put the SD card back into the camera. 
  • And turn it ON. 
  • It will reset all of your camera data. And it will show you this screen
  • Now Format the SD card again by the same procedure.
  • And put it back to the camera. 
  • And after that try to pair the camera again with the phone. 

This should work just fine. After this, your camera will connect to your phone via the app.

How to Connect the GoPro Hero Session with the App?

  • Turn on the camera and find the Wi-Fi menu. And Turn it on.
  • Connect the phone’s Wi-Fi with it. 
  • Now add a new device in the camera from the settings. 
  • Open the app on the phone and you will see 4 digits auto-generated ping number on the camera’s tiny screen. 
  • Select the GoPro model on your phone and your phone will search for the camera by itself. 
  • And after some second you will see the camera is connected to your phone. 

If you still have trouble connecting the camera watch this video

Final Words

GoPro Hero Session is a fully compact sports camera mainly used in recording scuba diving and surfing. As it has no built-in screen many users can’t figure out why the Hero session won’t connect to the app. 

I discussed the reason and how to solve it. Hope this article will help you to get out of this problem.

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