Can You Use GoPro for Softball Games? (Answer Explained)
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Can You Use GoPro for Softball Games? (Answer Explained)

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These days it is very common to use GoPro cameras to record softball games. If you are a parent, you will look for a perfect camera to capture your kid’s game. Or if you are a player, of course you will want to have some footage of your game. 

But can you use Gopro for softball games? 

Yes, you can use the latest GoPros for recording softball games. Based on my research the GoPro Hero 8 and the GoPro Hero 10 are the best options you can choose. It has excellent video quality, as well as field of view (FOV, or shooting angle) and zoom capabilities.  

In this article, I will discuss how you can use a GoPro to record softball and baseball games

How To Use GoPro For Recording Softball Games?

Things You Will Need 

The right accessories are very essential if you want to watch a baseball game you just recorded.  They are:

Cap mount: 

If you want to mount your GoPro on your cap, you will need a cap mount. You can record the entire stadium from your point of view perspective. 

Get cap mounts from here.

Fence mount: 

You’ll need a fence to mount if you want to capture some stable and focused stationary photos. To attach your GoPro to the fence, get your suitable fence mount from here

Extended pole mount: 

Your selfie stick is shorter than this mount. It allows you to shoot your games from a higher view. 

To get the pole mounts, get them from here

Head mount: 

To mount your GoPro to your head with or without a cap, you can use head mounts. 

Whether it is for recording softball or baseball games you can use it for outdoor activities. So it is nice to have one.

Get head mounts from here.

Chest mount: 

If you are a player and want to record your game from your point of view, the Chest mount is the best tool you can have. 

Get chest mount from here

Check the video footage you can have on the game. 

Extended Battery: 

This is the thing you have to have. GoPro batteries are not capable of recording for more than 1 hour if you record your game in high definition. 

The extended batteries can allow you to record more than 8 hours straight. 

Have extended batteries from here

Which GoPro Is Best For Recording Softball Games?

Well, it is pretty obvious to have the latest GoPro to record this kind of event. But if you are tight on your budget you might look for some older versions. Yes, the GoPro Hero 7 and 8 can do this job pretty fine, but I won’t recommend going older than these. 

The newer GoPro Hero 10 has the touch zoom feature which allows you to digitally zoom up your shots and record. It might lose some quality as it is zooming digitally. 

The GoPro Hero 10 will be the best option to have if you want to record your softball games. But consider GoPro Hero 8 if you are on a tight budget.  

Why Choose Hero 8 and 10 Softball Games?

  • These two cameras come with Hypersmooth 4.0 which gives you incredibly smooth image stabilization. 
  • The two cameras can film 4K at 120 fps. So if you want to take a slow-motion video you have the option. 
  • Both of them are fully compatible with the accessories I just mentioned. So you can make the camera as versatile as you want. 

Check this video to watch the camera in action. 

Tips and Precautions to Have Good Recordings

Choose the right SD card: 

To have steady and smooth video footage you must have a good SD card that is fully compatible with your GoPro.

Yes, any micro SD card may be purchased from any store, however, they are not all the same. They’re all different in terms of speed and quality.

As a result, choosing the correct SD card for the GoPro Hero cameras, which shoot at a very fast frame rate, is important.

SanDisk is a reputed company that makes very high-quality SD cards. You can use the Extreme versions of the cards. 

To see the recommended SD cards, go to this link

Try capturing various angles: 

The wide-angle lenses of GoPros allow you to shoot with a very large field of view. So, the images might turn out small and at low resolutions. So get close to the action if you can.  

As I mentioned you can mount your GoPro with anything like a cap, head, fence, or chest, try covering different angles with the mounting kits. You don’t have to think about stability. The camera is good enough to handle all of your jerkings. 

Different players can wear the GoPro on a helmet mount. Alternatively, mounts can be placed in various locations around the field.

Again, now and then, switch the GoPro around. This way you can have many shots from different perspectives.

Try capturing slow motion footage like this

Record videos at 1080p: 

Editing 1080p videos are easier than editing the large 4k files. I will suggest you to record your footage at 1080p 60fps. So that you can have good battery life and smaller files to edit. 

Final Words

Softball is a great activity for filming with a GoPro camera.

It’s fast-paced and action-packed, allowing you to fully utilize your GoPro’s capabilities. But many of the players or the spectators don’t know can you use Gopro for softball games. 

So I briefly described the tips and tricks to record softball games and which Gopro camera is best for recording softball games.

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