The Sony Alpha A6400 Focus Issue That Users Should Be Aware Of
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The Sony Alpha A6400 Focus Issue That Users Should Be Aware Of

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The Sony Alpha A6400 is a high-quality, versatile and affordable camera that has very few drawbacks. At this price point, it is far from an entry-level camera.

The issues with the A6400 can be annoying but don’t impact day-to-day shooting all that much. For people that have moderate technique, the autofocus can get iffy sometimes.

It is best to know about the issue and how to deal with it if you are not an experienced photography professional. So let’s discuss ‘why does my Sony A6400 not focusing?’.

If you have the Sony Alpha A6400, chances are at one point you too ran into issues with the autofocus. In this article, I’ll be covering some possible reasons for the autofocus on the A6400 not working properly.

Sony Alpha A6400 Mirrorless Camera

Here’s a small review of the camera for a better understanding of the origin of the autofocus issues.

The Sony Alpha A6400 is a well-rounded mirrorless photo and video camera. The APS-C sensor and the Bionz X processor combo allow for 14-bit raw file output for wide scales of tone and colour.

It is the replacement for the trusty A6300 as it has the same sensor and some very minor improvements from its predecessor. It’s a very amazing compact travel camera.

Sony is miles ahead when it comes to focusing systems. The Sony Alpha A6400 use the constant eye AF system which is one of the most effective autofocus implementations out there.

Despite all the pros of Sony’s auto focus system, the A6400 lacks here and there when it comes to AF.

Let’s look at the specifications of the Sony A6400.

Sony Alpha A6400 Specs:

  • 24.2MP APS-C sensor
  • Bionz X processor
  • ISO Range: 100-32000
  • 11fps continuous shooting
  • Interval Shooting mode
  • 4k/30p video capability
  • 410 shots per charge
  • Weather Sealed
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Weight: 403g
  • Price: $898

Why Does My Sony A6400 Not Focusing?

The reasons for the autofocus issues on the Sony A6400 are numerous. It could be simple problems like a dirty and fogged-up lens, the subject being closer than the minimum focus distance of the lens used or even darkened conditions.

Here are some common reasons for the Sony A6400 autofocus issues.

  1. A subject in fast motion.
  2. Focus mode is set to manual.
  3. Some lenses can get overwhelmed by the fast AF of the camera.
  4. The camera is not set to Focus Priority.
  5. The use of adapted lenses from other companies such as Canon, Nikon or Sigma.

These are mild issues that can be solved very easily. But sometimes there are more serious issues with the A6400. Even though the number of times people faced more serious issues with AF is low, it can still happen.

One of the reasons included above, is on the use of adapted lenses from other brands is a tricky situation. There is a limit to the adapters’ AF-C with burst rates.

AF-C up to 10fps will resolve the adapter situation and the camera will be able to focus like normal.

Although unconventional, a very good way to get rid of the AF issues is to remove the battery and re-insert it. This can often do wonders.

Some Common Solutions To The Sony A6400 Focus Issues

Here are some conventional solutions that you can apply to fix your Sony A6400 not focusing.

1. Use the center point focus system

If you are not confident with your technique, set the AF mode to Center Point. The camera will have an easier time finding focus and it will be more accurate.

2. Brighten up the shooting conditions

To allow for the subjects to emit more contrast so the camera can pick up on that. You can also choose a lens with a larger maximum aperture to find focus targets easier because the lens will let in more light.

3. Keep your focus on the minimum focus distance of the lens used

The lens cannot focus on something too close. Every lens has a minimum focus distance. So be sure to be outside of that distance.

4. Remount the lens or try a different lens

If the camera is struggling to focus or track subjects, it is best to make sure the lens isn’t the problem. Try a different lens and see if that fails as well. If not remount the previous lens and give it another go.

5. Change the AF settings inside the menu

Different frames demand different settings to focus properly. Make sure you have set the right combination of settings for your use.

Touch Tracking on the Sony A6400

The Sony A6400 has a touchscreen display which can be used to set focus points. This particular camera also has a nice feature called ‘Touch Tracking’.

This function tracks the subject and keeps marking it with the focusing frame so no matter where on the frame the point is the camera will keep it under focus.

This is especially useful for people who do video shooting more often. The ‘Touch Tracking’ option will keep the pulling subject in focus in video mode.

This video demonstrates touch tracking on the Sony A6400 and shows how to set it up and use it. It is a very useful feature that camera manufacturers have developed.


Why is my Sony A6400 blurry?

Camera shake is the cause of many blurry and unclear pictures.
This happens if the camera is moved during the exposure and the image comes out ghost-like. The camera has a SteadyShot function that can be turned on to reduce the effect of the camera shake.

Is the Sony A6400 discontinued?

Not anymore.
Sony paused production of the Sony A6400, A7 II and A6100 in November 2021.This was a decision made by Sony on account of global supply problems with parts due to the pandemic. Only the Sony A6400 is back in production and available for purchase.

Does the Sony A6400 have image stabilization?

Unfortunately, no.
This is perhaps the biggest drawback of this camera. The lack of IBIS makes it hard to shoot handheld with a lens that doesn’t have image stabilization. So, handheld portraits, street photography and wedding photography are considerably hard to manage without a lens with IBIS.


I’ve explained in detail ‘why does my Sony a6400 not focusing?’ and workarounds for the problems.

If you only use Sony cameras and like to switch between different Sony cameras then I’d recommend going for a different camera as Sony has lots of better models available.

For users who are not into the brand name but are looking for the best-performing camera under this budget, the Canon EOS RP is a fantastic choice for beginners. I hope this article helps to resolve the AF issues with your A6400 and gets you back on track to capturing quality images.