Canon EOS R6 Overheating Issue and What Can You Do About It?

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The Canon EOS R6 full-frame mirrorless camera comes with exceptional autofocus, class-leading image stabilization, and low-light capabilities. However, you, like many other users, may run into overheating issues with the fantastic EOS R6.

When the camera overheats, you must wait at least 10 minutes. Following that, you’ll have around 10 minutes to shoot until it shuts off again. You should expect a maximum of 10 minutes of shutdown followed by 10 minutes of recording.

I’ll discuss more regarding the overheating issue and how you can get rid of this problem. With me, keep reading the article.

Features & Specifications of Canon EOS R6:

Sensor20.1MP full-frame CMOS
Image stabilization5-axis, up to 8 stops
AF points6,072 Dual Pixel CMOS AF II
Image processorDigic X
Viewfinder0.5-inch OLED EVF, 3,690k dots, 100% coverage, 0.76x magnification, 120fps refresh rate
Display3-inch fully articulating touchscreen, 1,620k dots
Video4K at 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p
PortsUSB-C, micro-HDMI, mic, headphones, E3 remote, 2x UHS-II SD/SDHC/SDXC
Shooting speed12fps mechanical, 20fps electronic
Size/weight (body)5.4 x 3.8 x 3.5 inches; 21 ounces
Battery life (CIPA)510

Understanding Overheating Issue with the Canon EOS R6

To understand the overheating issue with EOS R6, users first need to know the overheating numbers.

Resolution           Shooting time at 23°C/73°F approx.Recommended Scene
4K 60p Full frame* 29-minute 59-second camera limit. Total: 30 minutes.Independent filming of action or slow motion at high quality.
4K 60p APS-C Crop*  35 minutesIndependent filmmaking, additional reach for sports, wildlife, or tighter crops.
4K 30p Full frame* 40 minutesGeneral purpose.

Canon issued a media advisory to the press in response to the overheating concerns raised by its R6 cameras. The chart explains why Canon chose not to include an internal fan and offers some ideas for keeping the heat down when shooting 4K video.

To maintain the “small size, lightweight construction, and weather durability” of the EOS R6, Canon says it decided not to incorporate a fan inside the body of the camera.

The camera is only expected to be able to shoot for 8 minutes before overheating and shutting down once more; even with a 20-minute break from shooting, this leaves only 3 minutes of further shooting time.

How Can You Get Over the Overheating Issue with Canon EOS R6?

Canon suggests the following ways in regards to what you may do to lessen the amount of time the EOS R6 takes to overheat:

  • Turn on the overheat control feature (default). While the camera is in standby mode with the overheat control function on, the movie size and frame rate are automatically altered to prevent the internal temperature from rising.
  • It’s best to turn the camera off in between takes.
  • Place the camera away from the sun’s direct rays.
  • To distribute heat, use an exterior fan.

Can an Exterior Cooling Fan Solve the Overheating Issue with Canon EOS R6?

A cooling fan for the Canon R6 has been released by accessory maker Tilta, and it promises “high-efficiency cooling” to solve this mirrorless camera’s much-known overheating problem.

EOS R6 recording restrictions, put in place by the manufacturer to prevent the camera from overheating while shooting oversampled 4K video, have been the subject of intense debate ever since Canon released it.

There have been many ways, found to deal with the overheating problem. One concern has been about the most recent firmware, which nearly triples Canon EOS R6 record times, presented by Canon themselves.

However, the overheating problem can go away with the help of the cooling fan from Tilta. With high-efficiency cooling ability, the fan for your beloved camera costs only $165.

The Canon EOS R6’s 4K overheating limits

The EOS R6 is a fantastic option for shooting good 4K video, but once again, its thermal constraints are more likely to limit your recording than those of its competitors. This is why I am here to let you know the overheating limits in 4K.

Up to 29.97 fps or 30p

The camera down samples 5.1K for a better 4K image when you’re using 4K. Sadly, this mode has a time limit of 40 minutes and that may go up to 29.97p.

The R6 has a maximum recording time of 29 minutes and 59 seconds, so if you shoot the entire length at 23°C/73°F, you can instantly start recording again for a total of 10 minutes before you have to turn the camera off again.

50p and 59.94 fps or 60p

You have 30 minutes to film before the camera overheats because it has a 30-minute time limit. You must wait for a minimum of 10 minutes once the camera overheats.

Before it closes down once again, you get around 10 minutes to shoot after that. The fastest you can hope for after this is 10 minutes of shutdown followed by ten minutes of recording.

Longer periods of camera inactivity are required if you want longer record times.

APS-C mode

You have 35 minutes, but you have to wait at least 10 minutes after the camera overheats. Before it closes down once more, you get around 10 minutes to shoot after that.

The fastest you can hope for after this is 10 minutes of shutdown followed by 10 min of recording.

Longer periods of camera inactivity are required if you want longer record times.

Does the Canon R6 become hot while shooting 1080p?

Without overheating, the R6 can shoot at 1080p at 120/60/24 frames per second. While the R5’s 4k/60p mode employs line-skipping, the EOS R6 uses real pixel binning.

How long can you use EOS R6 before it overheats?

You can shoot for 30 minutes before the camera overheats because it has a 30-minute time restriction in any case. You should rest the camera for 10 minutes when the camera overheats. After that, you have roughly 10 minutes to shoot before it shuts off once more.

How do you prevent your camera from overheating while you’re streaming live?

1. An umbrella that is adjustable and has a global clasp.
2. Clip for holding a camera umbrella.
3. Tripod-mounted umbrella stand.


If you prefer to capture moving subjects and people instead of landscapes, the Canon EOS R6 is a fantastic full-frame mirrorless camera for you. However, overheating issues can still haunt you.

If you run into this issue again, remember what I mentioned in the article. This article will assist you in resolving your Canon EOS R6’s overheating problem.

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