Where Does GoPro Quik Save Files in Android Phone?
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Where Does GoPro Quik Save Files in Android Phone?

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Where does gopro quik save files android?

GoPro is the best action camera you can find on the market. It connects with your phone wirelessly. You can operate the updates and the media files wirelessly. 

But many of the users have a hard time finding the saved files in their android. 

You may wonder where you can get the files transferred to your PC from your android. You can trace the file in Internal storage > DCIM > GoPro Exports.

This article will describe to you where GoPro Quik saves files in android. And how to operate them. 

Where does GoPro Quik save files Android Phone? 

You can find a folder named GoPro in your phone’s gallery.  You can access the files through this path:

My Files > Internal Storage > DCIM > com

Step 1: Go to My files

You might have a different name on your android. 

File manager, My Files, and Files are the same thing. 

Step 2: Go to Internal Storage

Go to the top left corner and tap the 3 bars and select internal storage.

where does gopro quik save files android

Step 3: 

Then go to internal storage and you will find a folder named GoPro Exports. You will find all the photos you’ve transferred to your phone. 

To access the videos, go to Videos after accessing the internal storage. And you will find a folder named GoPro-Exports.

How To Transfer Files from GoPro To The Phone Wirelessly?

Step 1: 

First connect your GoPro with your phone wirelessly. 

Download the Quik app from the app store. 

Turn On your camera. Swipe down and pair the camera with your phone.

Go to Connections > GoPro App

If you see this screen on your phone, hit continue 

You will be asked to join your phone’s Wi-Fi

Hit Join and now you have paired your phone with your GoPro

Step 2:

After connecting the camera, you will see the camera preview. 

Which means you will see what the camera is seeing. You can record from the Quik app. 

Step 3: 

Then go to the squares in the down left corner of the app. This is where your files are that you just recorded in the GoPro. This is accessing your GoPro,s SD card’s memory. 

After viewing the files, hit the download option from the downright corner. 

This will lead you to a download screen

And now you have the file. And you know where it is located. 

Can You Directly Save Your GoPro Files to Your Phone’s SD Card? 

No. GoPro App only uses the phone’s internal storage. Once the files have been imported to your phone via the GoPro App, you may move them to an external card to save space on your phone’s internal memory. 

Saving in internal storage allows you to save files at a very high speed. To be specific, up to 3X faster than saving in SD cards.

The ultra-high-definition video footage and streaming take high reading and writing speed to process. The SD cards aren’t fast enough to process the files wirelessly. 


Where is GoPro app data stored?

The location where GoPro app data is stored can vary depending on the specific device and its operating system. Here are the general storage locations for GoPro app data on different platforms:

On Android devices, the GoPro app data, including cache, preferences, and other app-specific data, is typically stored in the following directory:
Internal Storage/Android/data/com.gopro.smarty

This folder contains various subfolders that store data related to the GoPro app’s functionality, user preferences, downloaded media, and temporary files.

How do I change the storage location on my GoPro Quik app?

In the GoPro Quik desktop application, changing the storage location for your media files involves adjusting the import settings to specify where your GoPro Quik app should store downloaded media.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to change the storage location in the GoPro Quik desktop app:
Open GoPro Quik App: Launch the GoPro Quik desktop application on your computer.

Access Preferences: Look for a “Settings” or “Preferences” option within the app’s interface. Depending on the version of the app, you may find this in the top menu bar or within the app’s main window. Click on “Settings” or “Preferences” to proceed.

Locate Storage Settings: Within the app’s settings or preferences, look for an option related to “Storage” or “Media Import Location.” This is where you will specify the new storage location for your GoPro media files.

Choose New Location: Select the option to change the media import location. You may be prompted to choose a different folder or directory on your computer where you want the imported media files to be stored.

Confirm New Location: Once you have selected the new storage location, confirm your choice within the app’s settings. There may be an “Apply” or “Save” button to ensure that the changes take effect.

Verify Changes: After saving the changes, it’s important to verify that the new storage location has been successfully set. You can do this by importing a media file from your GoPro and ensuring that it is being stored in the newly specified location.

Final Words

So, I hope you find your answer to where does GoPro Quik save files Android. And why you cannot switch to SD cards.

I will suggest you move your files to your computer if you have one to free up the internal space.

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