How To Change The FOV Setting On GoPro Hero 3?
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How To Change The FOV Setting On GoPro Hero 3?

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Your old lovable Hero 3 camera will not show you the same magic forever, as its FOV setting might need to be changed. So, how to change the settings, and how much does it cost to update it?

In the first place, to move between different FOV settings, double-tap on the LCD display as a general rule. You can choose which FOV mode you want to use.

However, it’s worth noting that Hero 3’s Medium and Narrow modes provide excellent video with good quality and color.

In this article, I’ll cover all you need to know about changing the FOV setting on your Go Pro Hero 3. 

Let’s start!

GoPro Hero3 FOV Setting

Camera angle is very important for a user. If you don’t feel okay with the FOV setting you’re currently on your pictures won’t come fine. Even some people complain about the narrow mode of the FOV. That’s why you must know how to switch the modes.

GoPro Hero3 contains a few sub-level menu options. You can modify the Field of View (FOV) angle while using the video mode on your HERO3 camera. In this mode, you can use those menu options.

Although the GoPro Hero 3 camera does not have zoom, you may change the resolution settings to change the field of view. A 127-degree field of vision is available at 1080p, while a 170-degree field of view is available at all other settings. A 0.0 mm lens is required to provide a 180-degree field of vision with the GoPro Hero 3. 

If you had a film plane and no lens, the film would receive light from a 180-degree FOV. On the other hand, Nikon and perhaps other camera manufacturers have 180 FOV lenses that are categorized as 5-10 mm fisheye lenses.

How to Change the FOV Setting on GoPro Hero3?

It is not that hard to change the FOV setting on your GoPro Hero3 if you have an idea about the guideline. So, let’s get into the guild lines to set you free from the confusion.

  • Firstly, you need to turn on your Go Pro Hero3. Use the mode button to scroll through to the settings menu.

Fig 1: Pressing the mode button

  • Use the shutter button or the select button to enter the settings menu.

Fig 2: Using the shutter button

  • Use the mode button again to scroll until you get to the FOV or Field of View.

Fig 3: Going through the settings bar

Fig 4: Entering the FOV mode

  • Use the select button to enter the FOV system and you can then scroll through from different angles that will help you to set your choice.

Fig 5: Selecting the desirable FOV

  • You may then use the select button to the setting and then continue using the mode button to scroll through the menu until you get to the exit. 
  • Go to the exit option using the select button.

Fig 6: Press the exit button

You are now back to the video mode and able to see that the recording mode has changed to your favorite angle.  

Effects of Changing the FOV Setting

There are three modes available in GoPro Hero3. Narrow, Medium, and Ultrawide. Ultrawide is labeled as 1080p60fps where 1080p30fps is considered as narrow. 

Different frame rates in the same resolution don’t give you a different FOV. So, there’s no point changing FOV in GoPro Hero3.

Changing FOV from ultrawide to narrow can make things worse for you. If you are using the ultrawide mode then you are getting a maximum of 1080p60fps. Narrow FOV is 1080p30fps which drops the frame rate to the same resolution.

Dropping the frame rate can create noise in the video. Especially in GoPro Hero3, it really matters. Eventually, you will get the worst footage if you change the setting from narrow to ultrawide.

Only Wide and Medium are accessible when using ProTune in 1080p. Unfortunately, there are no ProTune options for Narrow FOV at this time. So, changing the FOV again doesn’t help for the narrow FOV setting.

How Much Does A FOV Setting Cost?

Sometimes, a camera needs some extra part or extension to change modes. If you are using the camera to get the highest performance you must install them. 

But FOV setting is a basic feature of the GoPro Hero3 camera. So, changing the GoPro Hero3 FOV setting does not require any value. It comes with the device.


Now, you know how to change the FOV setting on GoPro Hero3. You know the risks and effects on your video quality. It can ruin your entire trip video if you mistakenly change it into narrow instead of ultrawide or medium. 

Thanks for reading all this. You can ask me more about GoPro Hero3-related issues. I would be happy to reply to your queries.

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