Why Can’t Find GoPro App in App Store?
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Why Can’t Find GoPro App in App Store?

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GoPro App is the software you have to use to access all the media footage from your camera. It also allows you to edit and share the video and photos instantly to any social media connected. 

But if you are a new GoPro camera user and want to link the camera with your phone, the first thing you will do is search for the GoPro App. But you cannot find anything named GoPro App. And wondering why can’t find the GoPro app in app store.

Well, GoPro App changed its name to Quik, by GoPro. After adding a bunch of new features and rebranding the Quik by GoPro, it is way nicer than the GoPro App. 

What is Quik by GoPro?  

In 2021, GoPro changed its entire app and named it Quik. GoPro added tons of features and made it more user-friendly than it was before. GoPro didn’t aware any of their customers that the app is fully rebranded and the name is changed. 

That is why the new GoPro users get confused searching the GoPro app. 

Here are some key features of Quik:

  • You can import photos and videos from your phone, GoPro, or any other camera that can be connected wirelessly
  • Offers unlimited cloud storage with 100% quality assurance 
  • Edit photos and videos quickly
  • You can use your phone to control every GoPro camera. Tweaking settings or changing the color saturation is easier than before. 

The GoPro camera’s user manual says to download and install the “GoPro App”. The 1-year-old GoPro Hero 9 also has the manual with the instruction to manually tweak the settings by the “GoPro App”. 

So customers get very confused when they don’t find the app in the app store. 

Can You Still Download the GoPro App?

No. If you search for the GoPro App, you will end up finding the Quik by GoPro.

How To Connect the Camera with The Quik App?


Download the app Quik and install it. 

After opening the app you will see this screen. 

Step 2: 

Connect the camera. 

Turn On your camera. Swipe down and pair the camera with your phone. Go to Connections > GoPro App. In some GoPro models, you will have to go to Preference to access the connections. 

If you see this screen on your phone, hit continue 

You will be asked to join your phone’s Wi-Fi

Hit Join and after a bit of searching the camera will be paired with your phone. 

The app might ask you to pair the Bluetooth too. Just tap the pair option whenever the request bar shows up. 

After this, you will see “connection successful” written on the camera screen. 

Step 3: 

Update your camera if there is any update available. 

The Quik app will show you the updates if your camera requires one. So make sure you update the camera via the Quik app. 

After the pairing and the connecting are done you will see what your camera is recording on the phone. 

The Quik app allows you to make your phone as a remote to work on the camera. And the connection latency is very low compared to the GoPro App. Basically, you can use your phone as a viewfinder for your camera.

To know more about Quik, go here

Final Words

I hope the confusion between the GoPro App and the Quik is clear now. And why can’t I find the GoPro App in the app store. 

GoPro has done a really good job of developing the Quik app. They made a better version of the GoPro App. And with their good software updates, they can make the app more versatile and user-friendly. 

I hope this article will answer the questions related to the GoPro app and the Quik.

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