Why Won’t the GoPro App Load Media?
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Why Won’t the GoPro App Load Media?

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You are using your GoPro action camera to shoot your outdoor and indoor activities. But later you saw the media don’t load. I know how frustrating that could be. 

Many of the users are reporting this problem in various forums. The same issue arose again and again

If you can’t see your media on the camera from the app, it’s because the files were too high resolution for your mobile device.

This article will show you the reason why won’t the GoPro app loads media. And how to fix them.  

The Reasons GoPro App Has Failed to Load Media

As we all know GoPro shoots videos at very high resolution. In some cases 4K+ at 120 fps. Processing these files will need a very high configured PC. Usually, mobile phones aren’t capable of processing the files because of the lack of power. 

GoPro app is a medium to access your Camera photos from your phone. But if you find the App cannot load the media this means your phone’s processor is unable of doing the hard work. 

You might face two issues. “Playback Not Supported” and “No Media”.

Playback not supported: 

This means that the camera captured a video with a resolution that is too high to be played back on a mobile device. Because you don’t know whether the phone you’re using is fully supported with the app and processing the high definition footage. 

No Media: 

If you see there’s no footage of your photo and videos you took with the camera that indicates you have this problem. This happens when your camera app or the camera missed some of the firmware updates. Also, if your phone’s wireless connection is not strong enough to work with the camera this can be a reason for this problem. 

How to Fix GoPro App Media Loading Problem?

Step 1: Update the firmware of your camera and update the GoPro App

Keep your camera’s battery fully charged and pair the camera with the GoPro App. Once both are paired follow the steps shown on the screen to update automatically. 

The software download screen should look like this

During the update, your camera will flicker on the screen. And after the update is completed the camera will return to normal.

In Desktop, you have to update the camera firmware manually. Follow the procedures below:

  • You will need a fully charged battery, Micro SD card, SD card adapter, and a computer to update. 
  • Get the serial number from the battery compartment or you can have the number from the camera’s “Preference” > “About” > “Camera info”. 
  • Go to gopro.com/update and register your camera with the serial number. 
  • Download the update. And whenever you check it will be the latest firmware update for the camera.
  • Connect the micro SD card to your computer, extract the download file and transfer it to the SD card. 
  • Insert the SD card and fully charged battery into the camera.
  • Turn on the camera and run the update. 

To update your GoPro manually, click on this link to have thorough instructions. Or watch this video

Note: Make sure the SD card you use to update the camera is fully compatible with the GoPro. Otherwise, you might have trouble updating. 

To update the app simply go to the app store on your mobile device and search for the app. See if there’s any update available or not. Click update if there’s any.

This can solve your problem if you were using dated firmware.

Step 2: Disable Protune and reduce the resolution 

Go to the settings in the GoPro app and turn off the Protune. 

GoPro Protune gives you advanced and expert options. Mainly if you turn on Protune, the footage will be very high quality which makes it difficult to load on your phone.

Turning off Protune gives you decent results on the footage. Because by default, GoPro works in automatic exposure mode. 

Reduce the resolution using the app. Access the video settings and shoot in auto mode. I will suggest you to record in 1080P 60 FPS. Every phone can handle this footage. 

Step 3: Transfer the files using a computer.

Simply get yourself a decent card reader and connect it with your computer. It’s an easy solution to get the high-resolution footage and work with it. 

Alternatively, you can connect the camera with your PC using a UBS cable. 

Final Words

No wonder GoPro is the best action camera on the market. The ultra-high-definition footage makes the camera vulnerable and is not loading on usual phones. 

I hope you find the answer Why won’t the GoPro app load my media. I discussed every possible reason and how to fix them.

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