How To Fix Canon 70-200 Lens Noise Issue? (Easy Guide)
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How To Fix Canon 70-200 Lens Noise Issue? (Easy Guide)

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The Canon 70-200mm f4 is a popular lens for wildlife and sports photography. The lens has been around for quite a lot of time. The first generation 70-200mm lens was launched in 1999. As it is a very old series canon still in production.

The new Canon 70-200mm lineups have some notable problems with the focusing dial. It gets noisy during focusing. You will notice this issue during video shooting. When the autofocus dial rotates and tries to focus on the subject the lens makes annoying noises.

How to fix Canon 70-200 lens noise issue? Let’s dig deeper and fix the problem. I will give you a full step-by-step demonstration of how to do it.

What Is The Lens Noise Issue?

If you are a blogger or a travel photographer, you will search for the RAW scenery and the real ambient for the footage. 

The Lens’s noise is one of the things that can easily ruin your footage. If you shoot a video and there is noise coming out from your lens, it will ruin the audio of the footage. 

As the built-in microphone is very close to the lens, the microphone will capture the noise coming out from the lens. It sounds like a motorized dial which is. 

When the Autofocus tries to focus on the subjects it rotates all on its own and then the lens starts making noises.

How To Fix Canon 70-200 Lens Noise Issue? 

Fixing this issue will be easy. As it doesn’t require any additional software and is not complex to solve.


Change the autofocus to manual. When you switch the focus option to manual the lens will not move if you fix a focus point. 

One drawback would be here that you will find some of your footage miss-focused. 

If your subject moves forward or backward of the camera the fixed manual focus will miss the focus on the subject. 

If you are to blog or stream with the lens and the subject is more likely to have stayed in one place this solution will be a great help for you.


Get an external microphone. 

You will find 2 types of microphones for the camera. 

  • One will be attached to your camera with the 3.5mm microphone jack.

This will be on top of your camera and capture audio in front of it. 

Physically it will pick every audio around the camera.

  • And another type is a microphone with a long wire.

This is also connected with the 3.5mm microphone jack. But this microphone will be far away from your camera. 

Consider buying a microphone that allows you to capture the audio where the subject is so that it will avoid the clicking lens noise from your lens.

I will recommend the BOYA M1 Lavalier microphone. It has a long wire. And it is a professional microphone that is vastly used in the news channel industry.

The wire is about 20 feet long which will allow you to roam everywhere in the room with the microphone attached to your body. And you won’t need to worry about the lens noises.

As the clunk sound from the Canon 70-200 is not a big thing you should be aware of, you can easily avoid the noise by simply doing the tips.

Some forums like DPReview and CanonRumors have some complaints about the old canon 70-200mm lenses. But they take really beautiful images and videos. 

Does The Lens Noise Ruin The Footage?

If you take videos with your camera and the lens makes noises you won’t find any difference in the image quality. But when it comes to the video only the audio will get some chunking noise as the lens moves with the subject. 

If you are a casual photo or videographer, the little noise coming out of the lens will not matter to you. 

You will find the lens noise in some of the sports videography. The videographers neglect the little noise over the subjects. 

So apparently it is up to you how you want your footage will be. And how much you can negotiate with the clunking sound from your Canon 70-200mm lens.


Why does my camera lens make noise? 

Answer: When you keep your lens in AF mode and the image stabilization ON, you are going to hear the lens focusing and the stabilization system moving up and down.

Do lenses make noise? 

Answer: If you shoot at a low aperture and do not compensate with a longer exposure you will find the noise in your image.

Why my Canon Camera lens shaking?

Answer: The camera lens shakes because of the image stabilizing system. It is the ability to move the internal lens elements in a response to detected camera movement. That is why your canon camera lens might be shaky to you. 

Why do film cameras vibrate? 

Answer: When your shutter speed is too slow to stop your body from naturally shaking, you get the camera vibrating. But this won’t affect your footage as the built-in image stabilization system will cover your shakes and deliver you smooth footage.

Does lens quality affect noise?

Answer: Although lens quality won’t change the camera’s ISO noise, it can change how we see noise in a particular image. A less sharp lens may appear to produce noisier photographs than a sharper lens. It mostly depends on the settings and the environment of the place where the photographer takes the photo.


I hope this will wrap up everything about the Canon 70-200mm lens noise issue. I have given you the tips and tricks on how to fix the Canon 70-200 lens noise issue. 

I have also described the fact why the noise issue is not a big thing to be aware of. While the quality of the image and the video is untouched and the lens delivers perfect footage, the little noise from the lens is very negligible to notice. 

The users complain about the lenses when they bought them used. The image stabilization on the lens is not as good as the newer generations’ lenses. So if you don’t want to face the issue again you can go for the newest 70-200mm lens available on the market.

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