Is Adorama Legit and Reliable to Buy a Camera?
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Is Adorama Legit and Reliable to Buy a Camera?

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Adorama is an e-commerce website known for selling cameras and photography products at affordable prices. Many of you have Adorama in consideration if you want to buy a camera. But Is Adorama legit to buy a camera? 

They have received a bad reputation for poor customer service and scam actions. The US-based e-commerce shook down the photography industry a bit with their actions. 

To know more about Adorama, stay with me.

What is Adorama? Is it trusted?

Adorama sells cameras and camera pieces of equipment at a very affordable price. They have a store in New York City but the Online presence is very debated because of their bad customer service and fraud-like actions.

Nowadays they sell computers, gaming equipment, drones, and other gadgets.

Selling bad products and not delivering are the most talked about issues about Adorama. 

On one person wrote he got fully scammed by buying fake products at a high price from Adorama.

On one wrote that he recently sent his XF camera to Adorama for a trade offer. And he didn’t get what he wanted. After asking for the return he didn’t get action for over a month.

If you look for the reputation they don’t score well. TrustPilot has a 2.7-star rating. More than 25% of the customers on TrustPilot rated Adorama as bad.

In short, they are not trusted. Despite offering high-quality items, Adorama has a terrible reputation due to its subpar customer service and acts that verge on scamming.

Best Alternatives to Adorama?

If you want to buy something, don’t waste the money on Adorama. You won’t know if you will get your product. 

To be on the safe side, here are some good alternatives to Adorama. 

  1. B&H. Although they have the same owners B&H has better reviews.
  2. Kodak. They are well-known for their quality electronics and good customer service.


Is Adorama a trustworthy seller?

Answer: The canon Pixma Pro 200 is replacing the Pro 100 and a decade-old Pixma Pro 100 is discontinued from Canon’s Pixma website.

Is Adorama and B&H the same company?

Answer: Adorama is owned by the same people that own B&H but they are different in terms and policy.

Does Adorama sell new items?

Answer: they do not sell used goods as new, however, the chance is that we would accept a unit that was returned unopened.

Is Adorama an authorized Apple reseller?

Answer: Adorama is an Apple Authorized Reseller. You can trust that you will get authentic products from Apple.

Is B&H or Adorama better?

Answer: The B&H is way ahead of Adorama. Although they are both owned by the same owners the policy is far from similar. 

How do rentals work with Adorama?

Answer: Adorama provides a rental option where you may rent items for a certain amount of time if you don’t want to buy them.

They give a variety of packages for artistic works, along with assistance from services like having an account manager offer guidance.


If I summarize the discussion and answer the question, I will highly suggest not buying a camera from Adorama. The experience is pretty disappointing. 

Their shipment policy is not transparent as well and the customer service is far from good. Based on the reviews on the internet Adorama has some big hatred from the photography society. 

I hope now you know Adorama is legit to buy a camera. And I hope you can make your decision after reading the article thoroughly.

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