How to Setup Sports Mode Photography On Sony AX100?
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How to Setup Sports Mode Photography On Sony AX100?

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The Sony AX100 is an 8-year-old camera. It is the first UHD camcorder Sony has released. It can capture video at 3840 X 2160 resolutions at 30 fps.  In good light condition, the Sony AX 1000 delivers outstanding video footage with its 1-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor.

As it is a camcorder the basic uses of the camera are indoor and outdoor video shooting. If you want to blog or want to capture nice moments with your family the camera aims for shooting it. 

How to set up sports mode photography on Sony AX100? In this article, I will be talking about this. But is it able to shoot the sports photography you are looking for? To know everything about the Sony AX100, stay with the page.

Settings For Sports Photography

Things you need to shoot sports photography are a decent aperture, fast shutter speed, and good ISO. 

The Sony Camcorder AX100 is not a camera that can shoot this type of photography. The Sony AX100 is made for taking small videos and for casual use. 

But if you only have this camera and want to shoot your toddler’s soccer match, yes you certainly can do that. 

The camera can shoot in a decent focus and as it has a good f2.8 fixed lens, it can zoom up to 18X. 

There is an option that allows you to shoot in higher frames per second. And you can shoot some sports videos with that. To set the camera into that settings: 


Turn ON your camera and go to the Menu Bar in the top left corner of the screen.


After doing that you are on the Menu of your camera. Here you can see some of the shooting modes and some controls. 

You have to select the Shooting Mode from it. 

This will lead you to the shooting mode built into the camera. 


Here you will see some modes which are common in every camera. Movie, Photo, Smooth Slow Motion Recording, Golf Shot, and High-Speed Recording. 

Select the Smth Slw REC for shooting in higher frames per second.

This mode will make your video footage look nice and crispy. But you might not be able to shoot in the mode if you shoot in high resolution. 

You can shoot decent photos with the built-in Photo mode. Although you have some versatility to change the resolution of the footage.

To change them Go to Image Quality/ Size from the menu bar. 

If your File Format is in HD AVCHD HD, you can change your recording mode to the highest quality.

To shoot sports you need to shoot for a long time. So I suggest you make your settings in the way your camera can shoot for a long time.

Which Camera Is Best for Sports Photography? 

A good sports camera must be quick and precise. Good shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture, and a good lens are the main factors of sports photography. 

Both the price and the number of megapixels are unimportant. It’s the settings and the photographer who is taking the picture.

Here, the essential step is being able to keep up with subjects that move swiftly.

Here, I’ve created a list of some of the top cameras for sports photography.

1. Sony A9 mark II

2. Sony A6600

3. Sony A6400

4. Canon EOS 1D X mark III

5. Canon EOS R3

6. Sony A1

These are some top cameras that are good because of their High-resolution sensor and fast shutter. 

Have a read to know more about the best sports camera. 

Is Sony AX100 A Good Camera?

Sony AX100 is a camcorder camera that is mainly designed for shooting video in 4K. 

The AX100 includes an inbuilt contrast-based focusing technology, thus it performs best when the lighting conditions create contrasts in the image. When using the AX100 at twilight, the ability to get a razor-sharp focus decreases the lower the contrast.

Full auto, semi-auto (Iris, ISO, Gain, Shutter Speed, and Focus may be manually adjusted while the rest is in auto), and manual modes are available for the camera. Low-light video recording gives decent results as well.

So overall speaking the Sony AX 100 is a nice camera for casual use. But don’t expect too much from a nearly decade-old technology. Although for a family camera it is a good camera to have as it has good features to shoot family gatherings and beautiful moments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which shooting mode would be best for sports photography?

Answer: The ideal mode for sports photography is burst mode. It might be difficult to keep up with fast-paced activities like sports and action. Burst mode captures 5–6 photos at once. For this reason, using burst mode might result in high-quality pictures.

How do I get my sports pictures sharp? 

Answer: To get a sharp image always use a wide aperture like f/2.8 or f/1.4. This will give you a shallow depth of field and give you a soft blur background. 

If you focus correctly you will have a good bokeh effect using the apertures.

What should my shutter speed be for sports? 

Answer: 1/1000 of a second is a good shutter speed to shoot sports photography. 

What is the best 4K camcorder? 

Answer: Canon Vixia HF G50,

GoPro Hero9 Black,

Nikon D780,

Sony AX43 Handycam.

These are the best camcorders that offer 4K video shooting in decent frames per second.

How old is the Sony Handycam? 

Sony launched the Handycam in 1985. So it is a very old camera. 

When was Sony AX100 released? 

In January 2014 Sony released the first UHD Camcorder. It can shoot 4k images in 30 frames per second and it is one of Sony’s first lineups with the 1-inch Exmor R CMOS sensor.


In the media, sports photography is a big industry. Not every camera can shoot them. And shooting these photos takes a lot of effort and patience. 

The Sony AX100 is not a sports camera but it has some options and modes which can shoot some decent sports events without any pain. But don’t expect the footage will be professional grade.  Overall the Sony AX100 is a great camera.

So I hope now you know how to set up sports photography on Sony AX100. And why it is a good camera to have.

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