How to Fix Aperture Problems On Canon R5? (Easy Guide)
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How to Fix Aperture Problems On Canon R5? (Easy Guide)

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Canon R5 is an incredibly powerful camera for all kinds of photography. It is a camera with a very stiff price tag. And it is by far one of the best cameras in the market Canon has launched. 

Some units of Canon R5 have some aperture problems with some sigma lenses. And on various platforms, some people addressed the same issues going on with the lenses. 

This is why I am here to show you how to fix aperture problems on Canon R5.

The Aperture Problems on Canon R5

Some sigma lenses such as 35mm f/1.4 art, 50mm f/1 non-art 85mm f/1.4 non-art got issues with the R5. You have to use them using the EF adapter ring. And the problem people face the most is the aperture starts randomly and closes itself to a particular value. 

This is why you might have the pictures coming out underexposed or rendering slow shutter speeds.

Some said these lenses are useless with the Canon R5.

But here the main thing is the old firmware. If the sigma lenses have old firmware the lenses aren’t likely to work with the adapter and the R5 as well. 

It is not the R5’s fault that the camera fixes the aperture itself. The RF lenses work flawlessly with the Canon R5 with zero issues noted.

When Do the Problems Arise on Canon R5? 

When you are shooting in full manual, you are the authority to change the ISO aperture and shutter speed. 

But the lens doesn’t let you fix your aperture in a single digit if there is any problem. 

When you use a zoom lens and you zoom in and out the aperture changes with the changes in the zoom. This is very common if you use the camera in auto mode. 

But if you use the sigma lenses with the adapter with canon R5 problems arise.  The lens always tries to adjust an aperture based on the lighting.

Watch this video from 2:37 to have a clear concept of what I am talking about. 

How Do Fix Aperture Problems on Canon R5?

Go into the settings of the camera. Go to the custom function menu and go to the Same expo. for a new aperture. 

Change the shutter speed to Tv

After that, your problem will be solved. And you can lock an aperture and shoot your subjects.
But if you use the sigma lenses make sure you are up to date with the latest firmware otherwise you might face the problem again.


How do I change the aperture on my canon R5?

Select the camera as AV: Aperture Priority AE mode. Then set the shooting mode to [ ]. Set the desired aperture value. 

Is Canon recalling the R5? 

Canon Australia recalled some of the early versions of the R5 C. The reason for the recall is a manufacturing flaw in the autofocus, which causes the camera to occasionally lose focus when capturing videos.

What is the shutter life of a Canon R5? 

The shutter lifespan of EOS R5 is 500000 actuation.

What is safety shit on Canon R5? 

Safety shift is a function that prevents you from taking a picture that is either overexposed or underexposed by automatically adjusting your camera’s settings.

Where is the Canon R5 made?

The Canon R5 is manufactured in Japan.


In a camera aperture is one of the most important factors. Photographers take outstanding photos by changing the aperture. When the aperture dial or the function gets ruined simply you cannot take any good photo. 

Canon R5 has some reports regarding this issue. This article will help you to fix aperture problems on Canon R5. Hope the solutions help you.

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