6 Best LP-E17 Replacement Batteries in 2024 (Honest Guide)
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6 Best LP-E17 Replacement Batteries in 2024 (Honest Guide)

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Best LP-E17 Replacement Batterie

The LP-E17 is a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery from Canon. Canon’s M and Rebel series are compatible with this battery. I know how difficult it is to use a camera with a dead battery.

To avoid this, you could elect to purchase backup batteries. But Do you know what are the best LP-E17 replacement batteries?

Having good knowledge about the power source is very important. And choosing the right off-brand batteries is crucial for your camera and your photography journey. A bad battery can ruin your camera and gears alone. In this article, I will cover some best LP-E17 replacement batteries.

Best LP-E17 Replacement Battery: Quick Overview

BrandsBuying Link
1. Canon Original LP-E17Canon Original LP-E17
2. OAproda LP-E17OAproda LP-E17
3. Neewer LP-E17Neewer LP-E17
4. Powerextra LP-E17Powerextra LP-E17
5. Artman LP-E17Artman LP-E17
6. Wasabi Power LP-E17Wasabi Power LP-E17

Important things to know for every Photographer:

Before discussing the batteries I have mentioned here. Let me make you clear some things.

The off-brand Batteries are tested for the particular cameras. Performance is by no means comparable to that of the original batteries. I’ll show the data I’ve gathered from numerous discussion forums and comments.

You can see from the information how much battery power is lost when the battery is sitting idle. And how much the backup will cost if you frequently capture videos.

The LP-E17 is the battery that the top-tier Canon cameras use.

The cameras are:

  1. Canon EOS M3
  2. Canon EOS M5
  3. Canon EOS M6
  4. Canon EOS M100
  5. Canon EOS RP
  6. Canon EOS RP RF
  7. Canon EOS SL2
  8. Canon EOS SL3
  9. Canon EOS T6i
  10. Canon EOS T6s
  11. Canon EOS T7i
  12. Canon EOS T8i
  13. Canon EOS 77D

So there is a vast collection of Canon cameras that are using the LP-E17. And some of them are really top-tier photography cameras from Canon. So having a backup battery is a basic need if photography is your profession.

Knowing what the best LP-E17 replacement battery is is as important as choosing the right camera for your need. A faulty off-brand battery can ruin your camera permanently.

Pros and Cons of the Off-Brand Batteries

As you can see I have listed some brands that make aftermarket camera batteries. So the quality will vary significantly.


On the Pros side, I must say the batteries are valued for bucks. They are significantly cheaper than the original ones. For example, the Canon Original LP-E17 costs around $60 whereas the off-brand batteries cost $20-$30.

There will be several options available for you to make. One thing to note is that cheaper doesn’t always mean that the off-brand batteries will perform anything worse. Since the brand manufactures them, people choose original batteries to feel safe.

But don’t think the higher price will give you the best product.


The first thing to discuss is the bad side of the off-brand batteries is, the batteries don’t last long enough as the originals do.

If you consider the best LP-E17 replacement battery you will notice a time drop if you compare it with the Original. Although this is sometimes expected. You may not always get the same capacity from third-party batteries as you would from their equivalents.

Best LP-E17 Replacement Battery: The Review

The full review of each battery is here below.

1. Canon Original LP-E17 Battery

Canon’s original LP-E17 is a battery that powers most Canon cameras for ages. The battery first came out in 2015. Since then it is one of the most used batteries for Canon cameras.

The Battery capacity is 1040 mAh and the power output is 7.2V. The charging and discharging are as good as the new batteries.

You will find these batteries in Amazon and Canon’s official retail stores.

The weight of the battery is 3.2 ounces and the dimension is 7.1 x 0.3 x 2.4 inches.

But be aware of the fake batteries. As the battery is in the market for a long time, some manufacturers are trying to sell fake products naming the batteries Canon Original.

The battery life depends on where you are using this battery. Depending on the camera the battery drains differently.

The battery has enough power to take 800 to 1000 photos if you use it in Canon T7i. the self-discharging is nearly null in this battery. You can easily take 1200 photos on a single charge if you rest the camera a bit.

As this is Canon’s original battery it easily supports the Canon battery charger.

2. OAproda LP-E17

The Oaproda gives you the complete package of power for your Canon camera. It comes with a pair of batteries and a charger.

The capacity of the battery is 1300mAh and the power output is 7.4V. 

The battery can shoot 600 photos on a single charge using the Canon T7i. and takes over 2 hours of non-stop video.

The LP-E17 quick rapid Battery Charger uses the most recent version of CPU control, IC chip, double PCB panel, and many circuit protections to charge two batteries at once. The batteries are CE ROHS certified so you won’t have to worry about Over charging, over current. Over-voltage, short circuits, and high temperature.

The quick Oaproda LP-E17 battery charger set can recharge the battery to maximum using Micro-USB devices including a power bank, vehicle charger, wall charger, and smartphone adapter wherever you are.

Ideal for outdoor or indoor activities like camping or vacation.

Additionally, it has a Type-C interface, which offers higher power and transmission capacity.

Oaproda gives you 13 months of free refund and replacement guarantee.

The canon charger cannot charge these batteries are they are off-brand. And Canon charger is only designed to charge the Canon’s Original batteries.

To know details about  Oaproda LP-E17, watch this video.

3. Neewer LP-E17

The Neewer LP-E17 is a 1250 mAh battery that comes with 2 packs in a box and a charger.

It works with the popular Canon cameras as I mentioned earlier. You can carry 2 batteries together so that you won’t be any shortage of power.  The battery is not compatible with the original charger as the charger won’t recognize the battery.

The battery is well made and it prevents overcharging short circuits and electronic shock.

You can charge two batteries at once with the Neewer charger. And with a micro USB wall charger, you can easily charge the batteries with any wall adapted or power source. But do not plug the charger with a computer as the computer is not a consistent source of power.

One design flaw for the Neewer LP-E17 is the battery is not as sturdy as the Canon’s original ones.

As for size comparison, they are the same but if you see closely there is a quality gap in the design. The canon’s original battery is made of hard plastic and feels solid whereas the Neewer doesn’t.

Just don’t throw them in a bag with sharp things. As the plastic wrap is not that durable you might make damage if you use the battery roughly.

It is just a design flaw to mention. But overall the battery performs well. The Neewer has more capacity and power than the original one.

A single Neewer LP-E17 battery can shoot 600 photos on a single charge. Which is pretty decent compared to the price. And you are getting two batteries so that’s is a big step up.

To know more about the Neewer LP-E17 batteries, Watch this video

4. Powerextra LP-E17

The Powerextra is one of the trusted aftermarket battery brands in the market.  and they have the best LP-E17 replacement.

The batteries are 7.2V output and 1350 mAh of capacity. The premium Li-ion battery has longer battery life with no memory effect.

This is the only off-brand battery that can be charged by the original Canon charger. Also, the batteries can be charged by a USB adapter, power bank,  or any charging source.

The charger has a tiny LED screen to show the battery status. The battery is fully compatible with most Canon cameras. The M3, M5 M6, and most of the rebel series.

A downside of this battery is you won’t see the power indicator if you are using this battery with the Canon M3 and M5.

On a single charge, the battery can take 800 photos. Which is close to the original Canon battery. It is fully decoded and works great.

To know more about the Powerextra LP-E17 batteries, Watch this video.

5. Artman LP-E17

The Artman LP-E17 is a safe reliable battery for canon cameras. In the package, it has 2 batteries and a dual charger.

The batteries are 1300 mAh in capacity and the output is 7.4V. This is ideal for powering every canon camera that is using the LP-E17 batteries.

The charger input is 5V and 2.1A max. You can charge them with your power bank making sure you no longer be out of power.

A single Artman LP-E17 battery can shoot 700 photos on a single charge. Which is pretty decent compared to the price.

The batteries are well-optimized so that you won’t have to worry about Over charging, over current. Over-voltage, short circuit, and high temperature.

6. Wasabi Power LP-E17

Wasabi power is a Japanese brand roaming in the market for a long time. Wasabi has many sets of after-market batteries for Canon, Sony, and most cameras.

The Wasabi Power is one of the best LP-E17 replacement batteries on the market.

It has a capacity of  1040 mAh similar to the  Canon original. And the power output is 7.2.

It is shock-resistant and short-circuit-protected. And doesn’t get hot while using it non-stop.

It has versatile charging support like the others. The batteries have tested the long life as it has no memory effect.

Wasabi Power always has your back by giving you 3 years warranty and customer support. And the battery allows you to shoot around 650 photos on a single charge.

Which One to Choose, Finally?

Now the most important part of this article is which the best LP-E17 replacement battery is and which one to choose among all of them.

Personally, if I choose one, I will choose the Powerextra LP-E17.

Powerextra has a good reputation for holding its pride. There are many good reviews on the brand. And Wasabi keeps you in cover with its 3 years warranty policy.

The Powerextra LP-E17 allows you to shoot 700 photos non-stop. This is in the second position of the collected batteries. The first one is the Canon original LP-E17. It takes 800 photos on a single charge.

It delivers good consistent power to the camera and lasts long like the original LP-E17.

You may always choose the original Canon LP-E17 if you have the money.

The batteries I have mentioned here, are no way in different from each other. If I summarized all every one of them is a great performer.

Since you’ll be using the battery in a Canon camera, you won’t need to worry about charging it or its lifetime.

In this discussion, many of the batteries might show you some warning message when you insert the battery into a Canon Camera.

Some cameras will show the message while recording the video. But you won’t have to worry about the warning cause it is not that crucial the camera might show you.

And after inserting some of them in some particular cameras, you won’t see the battery status bar. But I  can assure you that won’t do any harm to your camera at all.

Canon wants you to use the original battery for the camera. This is why different voltage outputs may not show the status bar.

Why Camera Shows a Battery Warning Sign While Recording Videos?

If you use a third-party battery in your camera you might encounter the message like:

This happens if you start recording in very high resolution and higher frames per second.

Canon shows you the warning to change the battery and use the original one. But the camera doesn’t get hurt if you click okay.

The battery company is aware of what are they doing. So the batteries I have listed here will not harm your camera at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Canon LP-E17 battery last?

Of Approx 1 hr 30 min.

How long does a Canon LP-E17 battery take to charge?

The original charger by Canon can charge the LP-E17 batteries in one hour. But the off-brand LP-E17 batteries are a bit faster in terms of charging.

What cameras use LP-E17 batteries?

This  is the list of the cameras that supports LP-E17 batteries Canon EOS M3, Canon EOS M5, Canon EOS M6, Canon EOS M100, Canon EOS RP, Canon EOS RP RF, Canon EOS SL2, Canon EOS SL3, Canon EOS T6i, Canon EOS T6s, Canon EOS T7i, Canon EOS T8i, Canon EOS 77D

Can I leave my camera battery charging overnight?

Lithium battery chargers stop charging the batteries once they are full. So it is not a problem to leave the camera battery charging overnight.


I hope this article will help you to choose the best LP-E17 replacement battery for your Canon camera. When selecting the right battery for your camera, there are a few things to consider. I’ve gathered all the data from several discussion forums and articles and provided you with the results.

I have covered all the confusion you might step on and cleared them out. The LP-E17 is a versatile camera for most Canon Cameras. So I think choosing the right one will keep you way ahead of where you are now.