Prograde Cobalt vs Delkin Black: Which One Is Right For You?
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Prograde Cobalt vs Delkin Black: Which One Is Right For You?

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New photographers sometimes have a hard time choosing the right memory card for their cameras. If you shoot videos at very high resolution you must know about the memory card you are using. 

Delkin and Prograde are promising CF Express memory card makers you can find in the market. Professional photo and videographers widely use it as their main go-to storage. 

If you are confused about choosing one of them, I will suggest you buy Delkin Black instead of Prograde Cobalt. In terms of real-world performance, Delkin Black is a balanced card. 

But, why choose it? In this article, I will discuss Prograde Cobalt vs Denkin Black. Including all the pros and cons and which one is better for you.   

Prograde Cobalt vs Delkin Black: Quick comparison table 

Here are the key differences between Prograde Cobalt vs Delkin Black. 

Prograde CobaltDelkin Black
SpeedWrite: 1500MB/sRead: 1700MB/sWrite: 1710 MB/sRead: 1760 MB/s
Capacity 325GB and 650GB80 GB, 128GB 150GB, 160 GB, 256GB, 512GB, 650GB
Price 325GB is $420650GB is $73064GB is $110160GB is $600150 GB is $175650 GB is $725
Price Per GigabyteHighLow
Operating Temperature52 degree Celsius56 to 58 degrees Celsius
Buying link Prograde Digital memory Card type B Memory cardDelkin Device Black CFexpress

What is the Key Difference between Prograde Cobalt and Delkin Black?


You have already seen the key difference between the cards is the capacity. You will find Delkin Black in various storage. 

Prograde has 325GB and 650GB cards. And Delkin Black has CFX cards of 80 GB, 128GB 150GB, 160 GB, 256GB, 512GB, 650GB.

Delkin Black has 7 options to choose from whereas Prograde Cobalt has only 2. 

If you are low on budget and want to have a CFex card you will look for the small storage one. But Prograde cobalt doesn’t give you the option to choose. 

So based on options on storage capacity, the Delkin Black wins 100%. You can choose the card based on your budget and needs. 

Prograde Cobalt and Delkin Black are CFexpress B-type memory cards. So. in terms of speed, these cards are way ahead of your regular memory cards. 

However, you may wonder what a CFexpress card is. 

It is a new type of memory card that is only made for the mirrorless cameras. CF stands for Compact Flash. These are high-speed memory cards for cameras to shoot both high-resolution photos and videos.)


Heat is the worst enemy of every electronic device. Luckily  Prograde Cobalt and Delkin Black both can function in high temperatures. 

When you consistently use your camera to shoot high-resolution photos and videos, the memory card gets very hot. Sometimes cameras internal get hot to over 80 degrees Celsius. 

Luckily TheSSDreview ran some benchmarks for both of the cards and they found that both cards are fully functional in high temperatures. 

They have statistics on the operating temperature of the cards. 

(Lower is better)

Prograde Cobalt gets around 47 to 54 degrees Celsius. Depends on which card you are using. The 650GB one has low temperature than the 325GB one. 

But for Delkin Black, you see it is 39 degrees Celsius. The 512GB CFexpress card is way ahead of the competitors. Thanks to their precise engineering of heat management, Delkin managed its temperature to keep the lowest.

So, here Delkin Black wins again.  

But there is a drawback here. If you talk about the temperature you have to compromise the speed. 


If I talk about the real-world writing speed, Prograde Cobalt is slide faster than Delkin Black.  

(Speed is MB/s, higher is better)

Prograde Cobalt writes at 1333 MB/s whereas Delkin Black is a bit slower, and writes at 1320 MB/s. 

But if you see the numbers, the difference is pretty much negligible. 

So in terms of speed Prograde Cobalt is the winner.  

Prograde Cobalt vs Delkin Black which one to choose? 

As I described the key differences between the cards. I will recommend you to go for the Delkin Black. 

Not only does it operate in lower temperatures the performance difference is negligible in my opinion. 

If you talk about the availability, Delkin has more options than Prograde Black. You have 6 Delkin Black CFExpress cards to choose one. Where Prograde has only 2. 

And about the pricing, you have a low price per gigabyte if you choose Delkin black. 

You will need to pay $725 for 650GB Delkin Black and $730 for 650GB Prograde Cobalt. 

So, I will suggest you go for Delkin Black. From every perspective, Delkin black wins against Prograde Cobalt. 

Are Prograde and Delkin Good Brands? 

Prograde and Delkin both are very good brands you can trust. They are both made in the USA and are always concerned about their customer satisfaction. 

Delkin gives you a lifetime warranty and 48 hours of replacement guarantee. 

And Prograde gives you 3 years of warranty.  

Prograde is a comparatively newer company than Delkin. Prograde is born from Lexar and Built for Pros in June 2017 whereas Delkin is founded in 1986. 

Prograde is trying its best to compete in the memory cards market with its engineering and loyal customer service.  

Final Words

As you know all the facts about Prograde Cobalt vs Delkin Black, you can choose the best card for your work. 

Both cards are very fast for your daily work. The only thing Prograde lags is the cards get hot during the heavy load. and from all perspectives, Prograde Cobalt is a great CFX memory card. 

I hope you learned something about Prograde Cobalt vs Delkin Black from this article. 

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