Epson ET-7750 vs ET-8850: Worth the Upgrade?
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Epson ET-7750 vs ET-8850: Worth the Upgrade?

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Printing high-quality photos on paper take a lot of effort. In the studio photographers often have hard times getting the perfect colored image on the paper.

That’s why a good printer for printing out your photography is as important as having a good camera.

Epson is a popular name for its super high-quality EcoTank printers. It gives the perfect color and prints out the sharpest image you take.

Epson ET-7750 and ET-8850 are the two most promising printers made for studio use. Photographers now often wonder which one to choose. In this article I will be talking about Epson ET-7750 vs ET-8850.

Epson Et-7750 vs Et-8850: Quick Comparison Table

Here are some key differences of Epson Et-7750 vs Et-8850

Maximum Resolution5760 X 1440 5760 X 1440
Print Speed13 ISO ppm (Black) 10 ISO ppm (Color)16 ISO ppm (Black) 12 ISO ppm (Color)
Input paper capacity1 paper tray3 paper tray
Touch ScreenNoYes
Ink colorsBlack, Cyan, Yellow, MagentaBlack, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Gray
Maximum Paper Size11’’ X 17”13’’ X 19’’
PriceOn On

What is the Key Difference Between Epson ET-7750 vs ET-8850?

As the comparison table shows there are some major differences to address. Here I will be talking about those differences and which one is better in terms of features.

The Price

Here is a $350 difference between the two printers.

The Epson ET-7750 costs about $1560 whereas the upgraded Epson ET-8850 cost around $1210.

The Epson ET-8850 is the winner in terms of price and updated features.

Print Speed

Here is one of the important features of a printer. How fast does it print?

The Epson ET-7750 prints black and white at the rate of 13 pages per minute. Color images 10 pages per minute.

Where the Epson ET-8850 prints 16 pages per minute (black and white) and 12 pages per minute (Color)

The Epson ET8850 is the winner. It is significantly faster than the older ET-7750.

Page Size and Input paper capacity

The maximum paper size the older ET-7750 printer can print is 11’’ X 17”. And the printer has only one paper tray to hold the papers.

Where the Upgraded ET-8850’s maximum paper size is 13” X 19”. And it has 3 trays to hold the papers.

Having extra trays means the ET-8500 can print in various sizes of paper.

Here this winner is Epson ET-8850. Not only it can print on larger papers but also it supports more paper formats than its predecessor. 

Additional features

The Epson ET-7750 doesn’t come with a functional touch screen display.

The Epson ET-8850 has a touch display.

As you see in the pictures above, The ET-7750 has some functional keys to operate the printer. And Et-8850 only has a touch display.

It’s a matter of priority which one do you prefer. Of course, a functional touch display is good to have but nothing mandatory in particular. They both share the same functions and programs.

If having a touch display is the case the Epson ET-8850 is the winner.

Ink Drum

Here is a great feature to look at.

The Epson ET-7750 has 5 drums of ink capacity. The inks are Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta. 2 of the drums have black ink.

Ink Drum
Ink Drum

But The Epson ET-8850 has 6 drums of ink capacity.

Ink Drum
Ink Drum

It has an additional Gray ink drum.

Why is that?

Well to produce more vibrant and accurate color printers use black ink to produce a sharper image. Having Gray ink in the printer helps the printer to produce as sharp and vibrant images on paper as possible.

Without any doubt, the Epson ET-8850 is the winner.

Epson ET-7750 vs ET-8850: Which One To Choose?

As I mentioned some of the differences between the printers you may understand now the ET-8850 is way ahead of its predecessor ET-7750.

The cost and features made this printer fully recommended over any other printers.

It can support printing on many formats of paper. And the extra gray ink drum assures you to have good quality prints whenever you want.

If you already have an Epson ET-7750 you don’t need to upgrade it. Because it added some cool features of course but the overall resolution and the print quality is unchanged.

And if you are to buy a new one the Epson ET-88509 is the one to choose.

Are Epson EcoTank Printers Good?

The Epson EcoTank series is a great choice for busy offices and studio usage. It has a combination of solid performance, packed with usable features, and impressively low ink cost.

A set of ink bottles is enough to print over 7500 black pages and 6000 coloring pages.

Also, these printers can scan and copy your documents. So it is kind of all in one printer.

The built-in wireless function makes you print anything far from the printer.

And it is very fast compared to all printers in the market.

Here are some best Epson EcoTank series printers:

  1. Epson EcoTank ET-2760
  2. Epson Expression ET-2750 EcoTank
  3. Epson Expression ET-3700 EcoTank
  4. Epson WorkForce ET-3750 EcoTank
  5. Epson EcoTank ET-7750
  6. Epson EcoTank ET-8850
  7. Epson Et-16500 EcoTank

All of them are really good printers packed with tons of features. Every printer is very efficient in saving ink.

These printers are mostly used in professional works like offices and studios.

Some of them are home printers but they are not heavy-duty as the office printers.

Final Words

I hope you know everything about Epson ET-7750 vs ET-8850 now. I have tried to cover the major things that differentiate the two lenses.

The newer Epson Et-8850 has great color production and good features at a cheaper cost. Epson ET-7750 is not a bad printer overall if you already own it. But if you want the extra sharpness in your prints the upgrade is fully worth it.