LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH: Can I use them interchangeably?
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LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH: Can I use them interchangeably?

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LP-E6N and LP-E6NH are batteries for Canon’s high-end DSLR cameras. After coming out the LP-E6NH created a bit of confusion among the canon users. 

The LP-E6NH launched with Canon’s R5 and R6 Mirrorless cameras. They are packed with high-capacity lithium ions that help the camera to shoot high-resolution images.

This article will tell you the difference between LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH. And can you use them interchangeably?  

LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH: Quick comparison table 

Here are some key differences between LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH

Capacity1865 mAh2130 mAh
Charging time 0 to 1003+ hours3 hours
PriceCheck priceCheck price

What is the key difference between Epson LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH?

The Canon LP-E6NH was followed by the LP-E6N as a digital camera battery pack. Both work at the same voltage and may be used interchangeably. 

The Price: 

Here is a $20 difference between the two batteries. 

The LP-E6N costs about $121 whereas the upgraded LP-E6NH costs around $100. 

As the LP-E6NH is newer and a little cheaper than the older LP-E6N, the LP-E6NH is the winner here.

Battery Capacity: 

This is the main point the two batteries share the major difference. 

The older EP-E6N is an 1865 mAh battery whereas the newer EP-E6NH is a 2130 mAh battery. 

The EP-E6NH has a 14% larger capacity than the older EP-E6N. also, the battery charges very fast than the older one. 

The EP-E6N takes 3 hours plus to charge 0 to 100 whereas the EP-E6NH takes only 3 hours to charge 0 to 100. 

So overall the EP-E6Nh is the winner. Not only does it has a bigger capacity but also it charges faster than the older one. 

LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH: Which One To Choose? 

As I broke down the differences between the Lp-E6N and LP-E6NH, I will recommend you to go for the LP-E6NH. 

It comes with a larger capacity at a cheaper price. And also it delivers more power than the older one. 

The charging time is very good as well. So I don’t see anything that is not recommendable. 

And Canon will release their upcoming flagship cameras with this battery. It will be good if you choose this battery and get used to it. 

Can you use LP-E6N and LP-E6NH interchangeably?

Yes, you can. 

After all, they share the same dimension and voltage. The only thing they don’t have in common is the capacity. 

You can use LP-E6NH in the older cameras. But you will find some hard times wif you use the LP-E6N in the M5 or M6. Cause the camera shoots very high-resolution images and it has a very power-hunger processor. 

If you use the older LP-R6N in the R5 or R6 you might see some differences in shooting photos and videos in RAW.

You can use both of the batteries in every canon DSLR designed for the LP-E6 battery. 

The 5D mark 2,  3, 4, 6D, mark 2, and more. The LP-E6NH can easily run the cameras. 

Final Words

I hope you know everything about LP-E6N vs LP-E6NH. I have tried to cover the major things that differentiate the two lenses. 

The newer LP-E6Nh is hard to beat in this game. It has a lot of power to run your high-end Canon cameras. And the best thing is it comes at a cheap price.

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