Glossy vs Lustre CostCo: Which One To choose?
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Glossy vs Lustre CostCo: Which One To choose?

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People are frequently conflicted between glossy and lustrous finishes. As a result, it’s usually a good idea to consider the distinctions between glossy and lustre.

Photos printed on matte paper with a shiny, additional layer are known as glossy prints. Lustre paper, on the other hand, has a semi-gloss finish that does not reflect light excessively. It has a matte finish rather than a glossy one.

If you’re undecided, go with lustre rather than glossy. Lustre photo finish is a matte finish that adds to the print’s professionalism.

But why did you make that decision? I’ll go over glossy vs lustre from Costco in this article. All of the pros and cons are discussed, as well as which option is the best for you.

What are the Differences between Glossy vs Lustre CostCo?


Glossy photo prints are susceptible to fingerprints. Colors are brightened by glossy printing. 

It increases the contrast in the image by making whites and blacks appear more intense. They have a natural sheen to them and are designed to reflect as much light as possible.

In contrast, lustre print is a photograph or piece of art that has a glossy or matte appearance. Lustre picture prints offer a brilliant color finish and, like matte photo prints, are resistant to fingerprints. 

If you’re wondering what a lustre picture finish is, it’s roughly midway between matte and glossy, with the lustre finish having a slight gloss.

That helps colors pop but not so much that it creates a lot of reflected glares.


Among the most common print finishes is glossy. It’s the item you get when you print your family photos.

Costco glossy’s reflective picture finish allows you to clearly see image details. This type of photo print works well in photo albums. 

Since they are already glossy, they are not suitable for framing under glass.

A lustre coating, on the other hand, is ideal for any print that won’t be framed with glass because it protects the picture from fingerprints. 

A soft cloth can be used to dust lustre-coated images. Frames will be required for these canvas prints.

Photographers appreciate lustre paper more because it does not get dirty from dirty hands. 


Colors are rich and bright at Costco glossy. The glossy paper brings forth more details.

Additionally, the outputs will have a lot of contrast, with deep blacks and dazzling highlights.

In contrast, the spectator may see true skin tones with less light reflection on lustre paper.

It has a softer texture and a semi-gloss and matte finish.

With superb printing portfolio or gallery images, it is not susceptible to fingerprints or stains.

You may use Costco lustre paper to show huge images on the walls that can be seen from different angles.


Glossy prints, on the other hand, are extremely susceptible to fingerprints and smudges.

Due to the sheer high glare, they are difficult to see in direct sunlight or bright environments.

Furthermore, glossy prints should not be framed since they might adhere to the glass.

However, lestre prints also come up with some cons like glossy prints. The lustre print from Costco does not reflect the lightest.

Moreover, it is not as neutral and natural as the matte finish, which has a roughness that prevents the sharp printing of image details.

Glossy vs Lustre CostCo: Which One to Choose Finally?

It’s difficult to consider between glossy and lustre prints from CostCo based on their characteristics. 

However, lustre print can be your final choice since many users come up with more positive reviews on lustre than glossy print. 

Glossy paper does indeed have a more reflecting surface than lustre paper. Moreover, glossy paper has a high gloss finish, whilst lustre paper has a lower gloss finish.

However, lustre photo finish provides a matte finish that adds to the professional aspect of the print. Fingerprints will be drawn to the glossy shine from glossy prints, which is never a good thing.

Additionally, glossy prints do not function well when hung on a wall since they will be obscured for long periods. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re hand-holding since you can just shift the angle of the poster, but you can’t do that with a print on the wall.


When picking between the glossy and lustre prints from CostCo, consider all of the factors.

Since it is deemed ‘professional,’ most photographers and studios prefer lustre finish paper. It’s popular among painters and photographers who exhibit their work in galleries.

The paper’s professional reputation stems from its long history as the standard photo lab paper.

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