Camera+ 2 vs Halide: Which iPhone Camera App is the Best?
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Camera+ 2 vs Halide: Which iPhone Camera App is the Best?

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Having the best camera in your pocket helps you to record your finest moment here and there. iPhone’s camera is one of the best mobile cameras around.

But the iPhone cameras don’t allow you to control everything manually. To be specific you cannot shoot any creative images or videos using the default app.

This is why the apps are for. Camera+ 2 and Halide are two amazing iPhone camera apps that allow you to shoot sharp footage as well as tweak the manual settings. Stay with the article to know about the apps and which one is the best Camera+ 2 vs Halide.

Camera+ 2 Halide: Quick Comparison Table

Here are some key differences between Camera+ 2 vs Halide:

FeaturesCamera+ 2Halide
RAW image captureYesYes
Accessible from the Apple watchNoYes

What is the Key Difference Between the Camera+ 2 vs Halide?

Nowadays having a good camera on phone is not enough if you cannot make it use versatile. That’s why iPhone users tend to use the 3rd party apps.

If I have to mention the key difference from the chart and talk about it the first major thing you will see is the price difference.

Market Price

Both apps go under a subscription policy. The Camera+ 2 starts at US$3.99 per month, annually at US$17.99, and a lifetime purchase for US$24.99

And here Halide is very costly compared to Camera+ 2.

Halide’s monthly subscription is US$9.99 per month and a One-time purchase is US$49.99.

It’s a major price difference where both apps share some similarities. 

So, speaking of price, the Camera+ 2 is the winner.

Shooting Macros

Both apps are good at shooting RAW images and excellent videos. But Camera+ 2 has better AI to shoot in macro.

Where Halide doesn’t perform that well compared to the Camera+ 2.

 So for having the macro photographic feature the camera+ 2 is the winner.

Shooting RAW and Additional Features

As I already mentioned both of them can shoot in RAW.

Camera+ 2 does a good job of shooting RAW and later uploading the image on social media.

But you will have very advanced settings in Halide because of its AI. You can choose how the images are saved and limit the location sharing when posting the images on any social media.

Top of that Halide is fully operational with the apple watch. You can use the watch as a remote to take the picture from distance.

Halide’s unique feature is if the iPhone you are using has dual lenses, the depth peaking control shows you the 3D image of the subject.

So, in terms of shooting RAW and the features definitely, the Halide is the winner. I guess that is why you have to pay the extra bucks.

Picture Quality

In my opinion, there won’t be any drastic difference in the picture quality as they both use the same camera.

Picture quality is more dependent on the hardware than the software. But there is a key thing I found, Camera+ 2 now can shoot 48 MP photos.

The app shoots four photos separately and merges them and makes the final result sharp and accurate.

We have seen this technology in various phones. Especially mid-budget android has the feature built-in.

I can’t say Halide produces more accurate color or better than the Camera+ 2 as I couldn’t find any complaints against them. But yes Halide misses taking 48MP footage. This is a plus point for the Camera+ 2.

So I cannot make one winner based on the picture quality as they both produce really good pictures. But if you are eager to have the 48MP feature sure the Camera+ 2 is the winner.

Camera+ 2 vs Halide, which one to Choose?

Okay, you have come along all the way now you have to choose one between Camera+ 2 vs Halide. I will help you.

First of all, you have to know your priorities. If the default IOS camera doesn’t do your job right then you should go for one of them.

If shooting macros is one of your top priorities then Camera+ 2 is the app for you. And top of that it has amazing software update facilities.

Halide is more like having DSLR features in the iPhone. You will have the manual focus option; you can adjust the shutter speed and ISO, and more.

If you are a mobile photography enthusiast then the Halide is for you.

But Is it worth the extra bucks?

In my opinion, No. You can shoot the images with the ISO or other camera apps and edit it wise. The final result will be amazing.

Long story short, The Halide is for professional use packed with tons of features and it has better software support. And The Camera+ 2 also comes with great software support with good features.

So overall I would go for the Camera+ 2 as it is a lot cheaper. But if you are not on a budget then Halide is the best choice overall.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Halide worth the money?

Halide is one of the best iPhone camera apps for manual shooting. Although it is not the best option for macro shooting.

Which app is best for the IPhone camera?

Some camera apps head to head compete with each other. They offer amazing features and versatility to use the camera more precisely.
Here are some best camera apps for iPhone:
Camera+ 2
Pro Camera
Slow Shutter Cam
Adobe Lightroom

Can you zoom in on Halide?

You can zoom nearly 3X from the app. But digital zoom always fades away the real quality of the images.

Is Camera+ 2 good?

Camera+ 2 is one of the best and most used camera apps for the iphone. It has amazing macro shooting features and the user interface is very beginner-friendly.
Top of that it offers some trials before trying the app out finally.
It is a popular and well-reviewed photo app in the app store.

Can you shoot a video on Camera+ 2?

Unfortunately, No. Camera+ 2 fully focused on the photographic side. It doesn’t allow you to shoot videos.

Final Words

I hope you have learned everything about Camera+ 2 vs Halide. I have tried to explain the distinguishing characteristics of the two camera apps and their features.

Both apps are great on the field. They both offer free trials to check them thoroughly before final purchase. Halide gives tutorials to beginners when the app has been purchased.

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