Long GOP vs All Intra: What is the Difference?
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Long GOP vs All Intra: What is the Difference?

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Long GOP codec is a video format that tracks the video from frame to frame and saves the information those changes between them. Depends on the camera Long GOP also be called IPS.

All Intra is a format that means intra-frame encoding. This format compresses individual frames. The basic idea is to keep the original image quality and at the same time try to compress the file as much as possible.

In this article, I will talk about the Long GOP vs All Intra. What is the difference between them and why it is different from the JPEG compression? To know all these answers stay with the article.

Comparison of Long GOP vs All Intra

Here I will be briefly describing Long GOP vs All Intra. First I will go through some basic knowledge about them and what they do.

What is All Intra?

CODEC stands for Compression and Decompression. While recording the codec will decompress while reading and editing all intra-interference recordings will record I-frame one after the other. That means that every single frame will keep a large amount of information no matter the scene and the subject.

If you shoot a video where the background is the same. As an example, if you stream in your home the main subject is you are moving and the background is the same.

If you record the video all Intra, every single frame will keep a decent amount of information.

What is Long GOP?

The GOP stands for Group of pictures. Depending on the camera the codec that group of pictures can be short or long.

This is a complex thing to explain but know that it is one of the Artificial Intelligence that predicts and creates frames that will for sure take into consideration that many pixels of the image remain the same.

So instead of keeping the same pixel here and there the same information frame after frame. As the background is the same the Long GOP compression will consider recording an iframe that keeps most of the image information there.

Mainly the Long GOP reduces the size of the clip that you are recording. That takes only one-third of the disc space of your memory card.

The Difference In Image Quality

It is really hard to tell the differences between the two clips. Although it is more like camera and situation dependent.

If you shoot subjects with a lot of things going on in the frame the All Intra Codec will do a greater job than that Long GOP.

And if you are shooting subjects in a stationary position, go for the Long GOP to have better results.

If you want to know more about Long Gop vs All Intra you can watch this video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is long GOP?

A long GOP is a collection of images that always includes a predictive image and at least one I-frame keyframe. When compared to perceived visual quality, the total compression is higher the longer the GOP.

Is ProRes all intra?

Compared to distribution-oriented formats like H. 264, ProRes is easier to decode since it is a DCT scalar-based intra-frame-only encoder.

What is an Intra codec?

ALL-I compression is a format system where all the frames that are captured are treated as keyframes. To put it another way, each frame is compressed while still being viewed as a distinct, unique image.

Is XAVC s long GOP?

XAVC is a lighter codec with long GOP compression and a small recorded file size.

What is a dynamic GOP?

The interval between I-frames is dynamically modified using dynamic GOP, depending on the amount of motion in the scene. I-frames are often larger than P-frames, which merely show changes from the preceding frame and do not include the entire picture.


While All-Intra will be a useful tool for people who deal with incredibly precise frame-by-frame editing and at the pixel level.

The only changes seen in GOP compression are those between the two I-frames.

If pixels remain unchanged between I-Frames 1 and 2, there won’t be any change in the bi-directional or predictive frames.

I hope now you know about Long Gop vs All Intra.

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