Sony a7c vs Fuji xt4: Which will Better Suit My Needs?
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Sony a7c vs Fuji xt4: Which will Better Suit My Needs?

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Mirrorless Cameras have been around for quite some time. And with each generation, their capabilities have been upgraded by leaps and bounds.

Manufacturers like Sony, Nikon, and Fujifilm have been pushing their mirrorless camera lineups and slowly reducing new releases of DSLR cameras. Nikon and Canon have not released a new DSLR camera in over two years. 

Expert photographers have also been leaning towards mirrorless cameras more and not going for DSLRs. 

Sony’s A7C and Fujifilm’s XT4 are both fantastic mirrorless cameras that produce excellent photos. In this article,  I’ll be attempting to resolve the argument that is sony a7c vs fuji xt4.

Sony a7c vs Fuji xt4: Quick Comparison Table

Here are some key differences between sony a7c vs fuji xt4:

FeaturesSony A7CFuji XT4
MountSony EFuji X
ProcessorsBionz XX-processor 4
ISO rangeAuto, 100-51200 (Expands 50-204800)Auto, 160-12800 (Expands 80-51200)
Resolution24.2MP (6000 × 4000)26MP (6240 × 4160)
AF points693425
Storage1 slot2 slots
4k video30fps60fps
Battery life740 shots500 shots
PriceOn On
Release dateSeptember 2020April 2020

What is the Key Difference Between the Sony a7c vs Fuji xt4?

The Fuji xt4 has a backside-illuminated APS-C sensor with a higher resolution.

The sony a7c comes equipped with a 24MP backside-illuminated full-frame sensor with lower resolution than the fuji xt4 but with higher pixel density.

Both cameras perform immaculately in various conditions when pit against one another. Let’s take a look at the major differences between the two cameras and find out the best one to buy.

Market Price

The sony a7c and Fujifilm X-T4 are both mid-range sub $2000 cameras with the fuji XT4 being the more enthusiast-focused one. The fuji xt4 is an upgraded variant of the previous xt3 which did not have in-built image stabilization or in short IBIS. This is a great feature that fuji has incorporated in this new release.

The Sony a7c is priced at around $1800 for the body only but there are options to include a kit lens while buying the camera.

Contrastingly, the xt4 sits at $1699 body only which is lower than the Sony camera.

The $100 difference may not seem like much at this price range but it is worth consideration because the budget is a serious point of consideration. So, strictly speaking on price, the xt4 is the winner.

Design and Build Quality

Both cameras come built with magnesium shell which gives a premium and vintage feel when held. There is no cost-cutting on the manufacturer’s part and both cameras are very solid.

Here are some side-by-side photos of the two cameras.

(source: the Hybrid Shooter)

The Electronic View Finder(EVF) is the same and the screen size is also 3.0” fully articulated in both cameras. A7C has a tilting screen and the xt4’s screen is a rotating one. Tilting attachment is always more solid so sony gets a point here.

Here’s how the screens are attached.

(source: the Hybrid Shooter)

The sony a7c also comes with a bigger battery. It can shoot up to 740 photos without the need for it to be recharged while the fuji xt4 can only shoot 500 photos in a single session. Then it has to be recharged again.

The sony a7c comes with 1 storage slot while the fuji xt4 has 2 slots for storage so it provides more versatility.

The a7c weighs around 500g and the xt4 weighs 100g more which is 608g. So the sony a7c is lighter and more comfortable to hold for longer sessions. a7c looks cleaner than the xt4.

So in looks and aesthetics, the winner is the Sony a7c.

Sensors, Resolution, and Image Quality

Both cameras are very nice to use. But to figure out the differences and find the perfect one I have to dig deeper.

The sony a7c has a 24.2MP sensor that produces resolutions of up to 6000 × 4000.

The fuji xt4 comes equipped with a 26MP sensor that delivers the max resolution of 6240 × 4160.

Resolution is not the only criteria. The sony a7c has a much higher pixel density and because of that, it should produce sharper images on paper even though it’s 24MP. This means the a7c is much less demanding when it comes to lens quality providing very good results with average lenses.

Let’s look at identical photos taken with both cameras.

(source: the Hybrid Shooter)

Looking at photos taken with both cameras, the sony a7c produced more vibrant colors. The hill grass color in the background looks full of life. The xt4’s colors look a bit dull and damp. Even the shadows cast look pale in comparison.

In terms of dynamic range, the sony a7c captures an incredible amount of data in highlights and shadows. The xt4 fails to keep up in the dynamic range.

Regarding low light performance, at the same exposure numbers, at ISO 3200 the Fuji xt4’s photos look a tad darker. The sony a7c on the other hand captures small details even in very little lightning with less noise than the xt4.

The noise at ISO 6400 of the fuji xt4 is similar to the noise of sony a7c at iso 12800 and even then the xt4 produces darker images.

Increasing the iso values higher only help to show the downsides of the fuji xt4 camera.

Here is an example of noise production in both cameras.

(source: the Hybrid Shooter)

The a7c is better for shooting in low-light scenarios. It can shoot photos at 12800 ISO with acceptable amounts of noise. Xt4 only keeps up to ISO 3200 and going higher does not result in acceptable photos.

Sony also has picture profiles where the colors can be set up to the user’s liking. With different color profiles, sony provides a wide range of options to take the perfect shot.

Here is a photo of a flower.

(source: the Hybrid Shooter)

The color reproduction in the fuji xt4 looks artificial even though the use of a color profile was on the sony a7c. The sony camera brings out the fine details of the paddy with toned-down colors to accurately represent natural colors.

Both cameras use a hybrid autofocus system. But in terms of autofocus speed sony is number one. The fuji xt4 doesn’t come close in focus tracking. The sony has an exceptionally reliable eye autofocus system.

Even during video shooting the sony a7c autofocus is extremely fast and incredibly smooth. The xt4 is good at still images but lacks behind during video. With lenses that are not optimized for video, it is very hard to do focus tracking with the fuji xt4 camera.

Taking still photos with the sony a7c produces much better results with finer details that the xt4 cannot compare with. The winner is the sony a7c.

Video recording:

Video shooting is an important aspect of these cameras. The xt4 was released with IBIS to get rid of the shaky videos of its predecessor the xt3.

The sony a7c can shoot 4k videos of up to 30p. It cannot shoot 4k60fps videos. This puts the camera at a huge disadvantage.

The xt4 on the other hand has the great benefit of being able to shoot 4k videos on 60p. This is a big plus point for the fuji xt4 as 4k60fps videos are now the norm.

So, in the video capture category, the fuji xt4 is the absolute winner.

Sony a7c vs Fuji xt4, Which one to Choose?

The decision to choose between the two is very difficult. Choosing one of the two will most certainly result in giving up on some capabilities.

The inability of the a7c to shoot 4k60fps videos leaves a stain on the user. But if it is only used for still photography and light video shooting then the choice is very clear.

The fuji provides overall average performance but takes a big leap in video shooting quality.

Even with the sony a7c’s imperfection, it is the more perfect camera for the needs of a photographer.

Even with the 4k60p capabilities, the focus tracking of the fuji xt4 doesn’t even come close to the sony a7c.

The final decision and the winner of this debate are the sony a7c.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Fujifilm XT4 good for filmmaking?

Fujifilm delivers the best video quality compared to any other full-size DSLR or Mirrorless camera. XT4 shoots video internally to 10bit at a bit rate of 400Mbps. It is surprisingly color accurate and fast for filmmaking.

Is Fujifilm XT4 good for stills?

Fujifilm XT4 is not a good still camera. It has good video technology but not a still camera.

Does A7C overheat?

If you have your camera turned on for a long time the Sony A7C will overheat very fast.
Although shooting at 4K takes a lot of power. If you shoot at 4K the camera heats up fast.

Is the Sony A7C waterproof?

Sony A7C is a very compact lightweight and full-frame camera. It can resist water and dust very efficiently.  

Final Words

I hope you have learned everything about sony a7c vs fuji xt4. I have tried to explain the distinguishing characteristics of the two cameras and their performance.

If you want an overall enthusiast to feel with video shooting as your main focus then by all means go for the fuji xt4.

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