How to use GoPro 9 as a Webcam? (Easy Steps)
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How to use GoPro 9 as a Webcam? (Easy Steps)

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GoPros have always been very flexible cameras. The Ultra wide-angle lenses, Image stabilities, and the perfect photo/ video make the camera versatile to use anywhere anytime. Top of that the newer models of GoPro Hero cameras have the built-in feature to use it as a webcam. 

The GoPro Hero 9 can work as a webcam without any extra gears. You can use it simply with the “GoPro Webcam” software. 

In this article, I will discuss thoroughly how to use GoPro 9 as a webcam. 

Things you will need to use GoPro 9 as a webcam 

The GoPro Heros have a wide-angle field of view which is great to get the whole room of people in the shot. 

Unlike the older models, the Gopro hero 9 doesn’t need any extra gears to make it a webcam. But these things you will need to make it work.

USB cable: Find a type C to USB 3.0 port to connect the camera with your computer. 

Software: To operate the camera you must need dedicated software. Download the GoPro Webcam software from the link. For MAC, for PC.

Mounting Kit: Find yourself a mounting kit or a small tripod for steady connection and video. 

How to use GoPro 9 as a webcam?

Step 1: Update your camera firmware.

a) Updating with phone

You must first download and install the GoPro App on your mobile device to update. Pair the camera with your phone.

Once both devices are paired, follow the on-screen instructions to update them automatically.

The update screen will look like this.

When the camera is updating you will know by its flickering. And when the update is done the camera will go back to normal. 

b) Updating with Desktop

In Desktop, the update process is manual. 

  1. Open the battery hood and get the serial number from the battery compartment. 

Or, dial “Preference” > “About” > “Camera Info”

  1. Go to, register your camera with the serial number and download the available update for your model.
  2. Get the download file on a micro SD card and insert it into the camera. 
  3. Turn on the camera and run the update. 

Check this link to have clear instructions. 

Or, watch this video

Note: make sure the SD card you used is fully supported with your GoPro Hero 9. 

 Step 2: Install the GoPro Webcam App.

Install the GoPro Webcam desktop app. 

Get the app for PC and MAC.

After Installing the app icon will look like this on Windows PC.

You can find the app in the hidden apps section on the taskbar. 

In Mac, this icon will appear on the status bar on top of the screen. 

Step 3: Connect the GoPro with the PC

Get your USB type C to USB 3.0 cable and plug it up with the PC and the camera. 

As you can see the type C port is located below the battery hood. 

Note: Make sure you use a good cable. And it supports USB 3.0.

Step 4: Access the camera from the app

After plugging the camera, a blue dot will appear on the icon like this

For Mac:

For Windows PC:

Step 5: Use it as a webcam

After successfully installing and plugging, Right-click the GoPro Webcam icon and select “Show preview”

A separate window will appear on your desktop screen which allows you to see what the camera is recording. 

With the help of the mounting kit adjust the camera angle, you want to keep in the vision. 

You can also change your resolution from the “Preference” menu. 

Your PC will select the camera as the webcam by default in whatever software you want.

Step 6:  Fix the connection

If you tend to use the camera with your laptop which has a webcam built-in, you may face this problem. 

After opening the Zoom or OBS you won’t see any vision from the camera. 

Fixing this issue will take you no time. Just tweak some settings of Zoom or OBS or Team. Go to “Video Settings” and select the camera. 

Which GoPro You Can Use As A Webcam? 

With the steps I discussed you can use GoPro Hero 9 and GoPro Hero 10 as a webcam.

Although, the lack of USB on GoPro Hero 8 makes the process a bit tougher. Otherwise, you can use any GoPro Hero model as a webcam if the camera has a built-in USB C in it.

Final Words

For home office or home school, a decent webcam is a must-have gear nowadays. GoPro saw the opportunity to make their camera more versatile and came up with a feature like using it as a webcam.

But most of the owners don’t know how to use GoPro 9 as a webcam. So, I briefly described how to do it.

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