How to Use GoPro Hero 5 as a Webcam? (Easy Steps)
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How to Use GoPro Hero 5 as a Webcam? (Easy Steps)

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GoPro is a sports camera with a compact design and wide-angle lenses. It has the potential to make handy webcams for streaming or attending a meeting. But only the latest models have the ability built-in.

And here you have a 6-year-old GoPro Hero 5 and want to use it as a webcam. 

You can easily do it using some tools. Include an HDMI cable, external camera capture card, a tripod to hook your GoPro, some USB cables, and of course the GoPro Hero 5. 

In this article, I will demonstrate to you how to use GoPro Hero 5 as a webcam with some simple steps.

Tools You’ll Need to Use GoPro Hero 5 as a Webcam

HDMI cable: You will need an HDMI to micro HDMI cable to connect the camera to the external camera capture card. Get them from this link

Camera capture card: This card or I say dongle will allow you to connect your GoPro to your PC or MAC. Get this from here.

Mounting kit: To make the setup steady you’ll need a mounting kit. Or you can use a decent tripod to hook your GoPro in a steady place. 

USB cables: Of course, you will need some USB cables to connect everything. 

Software: If you are planning to stream, the best software for streaming is Streamlabs OBS. You can get it free from here

To attend meetings of course you will use Zoom or Team

How to Use GoPro Hero 5 as a Webcam?

Step 1: 

Connect the Camera capture card to your computer. If the card requires, install additional software to run the program.

Most of the dongles support the UVC standard. That means you can use it with software like Zoom or any streaming platform without any issue. It can also record audio over the HDMI cable via the built-in microphone in your GoPro. 

Step 2: 

Connect the GoPro Hero 5 with the camera capture card via the HDMI to mini HDMI cable.

Plug one end with the camera capture card and another end with the Gopro’s mini HDMI port.

Step 3: 

Now Go to “Preference” > “HDMI Output” > “Live” on your GoPro Hero 5. It will allow you to see what your camera is recording on your computer screen. 

Step 4: 

Cannot see anything on the screen yet? Of course, you can’t. 

Go to Zoom or any video conference software you are to use. Let’s say you are using Zoom. 

Open the Zoom App and go to Video. Select the camera. It may have a different name same as the capture card you purchased. 

Now go to Audio Settings and select the Digital Audio interference to capture the audio via your GoPro Hero 5. 

The same idea for the other video conference apps. Change the video and audio input settings.

If you are to use OBS to stream, click the + icon and select the video capture device

Choose the name of the capture card you purchased.

The same process goes on both a PC and MAC. 

Which GoPro Models You Can Use with This Method? 

You can use any GoPro as a webcam if it has a micro HDMI built-in. So from the GoPro Hero 4 to GoPro Hero 8, any of these GoPro is capable of using as a webcam.

But you will need to purchase the Media Mod from GoPro’s official site as the hero 8 does not come with micro HDMI output. 

Things to Remember

You have to keep a fully charged battery to use your GoPro Hero 5 as a webcam. Because the HDMI connections won’t charge your camera.

Audio is very important in a video conference. Use an external microphone to have better audio.

If you have hard times, have a bright picture. So I will highly suggest you fix your lighting.  

Does It Worth Using Your GoPro Hero 5 As A Webcam?

Well, if your priority is to capture video at a wide angle the GoPro webcam is the best. And Of course, the image quality is better than any other webcams on the market. 

But if you sum up the cost of the tools you will need to make your GoPro Hero 5 a webcam it is not worth the struggle and the money. 

You will find a decent plug-and-play webcam under the cost of the tools. 

So it’s a matter of priority of what you are looking for.

Final Words

Using your GoPro Hero 5 as a webcam is a plus point, right? Having double-duty gear must be a great attraction. But many of us don’t know how to use Hero 5 as a webcam. 

So, I briefly explained how to use GoPro Hero 5 as a webcam. Hope this article will help you to go through the process of how to make it done in the right way.

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