Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70: Is Newer Better?
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Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70: Is Newer Better?

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Sigma makes fast aperture lenses that take an amazingly sharp image. The Sigma 24-70mm is one of the popular lenses that is made for full-size cameras. But recently they have released lenses for the mirrorless cameras.

In the photographic society, Nikon is a very old name. The Nikon 24-70mm is a 15 years old lens and is still popular among photographers.

In this article, I will compare these two lenses, Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70. And will demonstrate if the new technology has given us anything good or not.  

Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70: Quick comparison table

Here are some key differences between Sigma 24-70mm vs Nikon 24-70mm:

FeaturesSigma 24-70mmNikon 24-70mm
MountEF, F, SAF
Aperturef/2.8 f/2.8
Focal Length24-70mm24-70mm
Optical Zoom2.9X2.9X
Angle of View22.83 Degree34.3 Degree
Weather sealingYesYes
PriceOn marketOn market
Release Date20172007

What is the Key Difference Between Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70?

24-70mm lenses are mostly used for landscape photography. The 70mm gives you nice telephoto capability but it is mostly used for landscape and product photography.

Now I will address some key differences between Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70 in terms of features.

The Price

The first thing you will notice is there’s a major price difference between the two lenses.

Nikon 24-70mm costs $500 more than Sigma 24-70mm.

Sigma 24-70mm costs $1300.

And Nikon 24-70mm costs $1800.

They both are 24-70mm lenses but have this major price difference.

If you consider buying a cheap 24-70mm lens Sigma 24-70mm is the winner.

Design and Size

Sigma 24-70mm is made of metal and feels very premium in hands.

Where the Nikon 24-70mm is made of metal but doesn’t feel cheap in hands.

But definitely, Sigma wins here because of having a metal body and nicer build quality.

But note that, because of having a metallic body Sigma weighs more than Nikon.

Real-life experience

If I compare portrait photos you’ll see a subtle difference between the lenses.

Sigma does a good job of taking indoor photos.

But Nikon produces the natural color more.

Nikon is noticeably longer than Sigma when it pulls the 70mm.

When it comes to shooting the moving objects both lenses struggle a bit.

They keep losing focus.

But overall Nikon 24-70mm does a better job than the Sigma 24-70mm.

In low-light shooting, Nikon also does a better job than Sigma.

So overall Nikon wins here.

If I go deeper there is no optical upgrade in the Sigma 24-70mm. The Nikon 24-70mm is an old lens compared to Sigma.

But when it comes to real-life experience Nikon wins. Having years old technology in the lens, it still performs very well, even better than Sigma.

Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70: Which One To Choose?

If I have to choose one between two lenses I will choose the Nikon 24-70mm.

Not only does it gives a better image but also it takes a very good low light image.

The Nikon 24-70mm’s field of view is larger than the Sigma 24-70mm. with it, you can shoot a bit wider photo.

I am talking about a 15-year-old camera. Nikon 24-70mm is very old compared to Sigma 24-70mm. But it is still a great performer.

Nikon released an upgraded version of the 24-70mm lens which improves upon nearly every aspect of its predecessor.

Check the comparison between the two lenses.

One thing Nikon 24-70mm is lacking is Vibration Reduction. But if you are to shoot portraits or landscapes, you won’t find this need.

If you are looking for the sharpest 24-70mm lens, the Nikon 24-70mm is unbeatable.

It has fast autofocus, tracking, and zooming.

Why choose a 24-70mm lens?

There is a huge 24-70mm lens fan base among the photographers.

Lens brands sell 24-70mm lenses with tons of variants. here is the main reason to choose a 24-70mm lens.

There is no distortion or compression:

If you use a telephoto or a wide-angle lens you have to keep many things in minds such as the field of view, distortion, and compression.

With a 24-70mm lens there’s very limited distortion. That’s why you can shoot wide-angle photography without worrying about distortion.

At 70mm you can zoom and shoot in a tight composition. And 50mm is ideal for portrait photography. So in a sense the 24-70mm is one in all lenses for every kind of photography.

They are versatile for being handy in size and weight. 24-70mm lenses feel great in the hands plus point for day-long photoshoots.

Final Words

I hope you now have a thorough understanding of the differences between Sigma 24-70 vs Nikon 24-70.

I’ve attempted to address the significant differences between the two lenses.

The 10 year difference doesn’t make the newer Sigma 24-70mm better.

For Nikon 24-70mm it’s “Old is Gold”. From every aspect the Nikon 24-70mm is one of the best 24-70mm lenses on the market.

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