How to Fix the Canon MX920 Printer Not Responding?
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How to Fix the Canon MX920 Printer Not Responding?

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The MX 920 printer is vastly used in offices and studios because of its high-quality image printing capability.

Although Canon printers have the most sophisticated printing features, consumers frequently encounter several technical problems.

One of the problems users face most is “Canon printer not responding to your print requests.” This article will show you the reason why your Canon MX920 printer is not responding and a brief tutorial to fix it.

Canon MX920 Printer not responding: Main Causes

There can be several reasons why your Canon MX920 Printer is not responding. 

  • If you have a bad configuration unit of the MX920 printer into the device, your device won’t recognize the printer and won’t connect to the system.
  • As the printer connects with the devices through Wi-Fi, bad connectivity issues can be a reason why your Canon MX920 printer does not respond.
  • If the printer driver is outdated, the problem can occur.
  • If you connect the MX920 to your computer make sure the USB cable is good enough to transfer the data. Sometimes faulty USB cables can be a reason behind this problem.

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Canon MX920 Printer not Responding: Fixes

Fixing this issue is not that hard. You can fix it without calling customer support. 

Check Connections: 

Check your internet connection and make sure the printer is correctly connected to a functional internet source. Make sure the attachment of the printer and the device is spotless and there are no punctured wires.

Make sure your Wi-Fi Canon printer is connected to a local Wi-Fi network if you plan to use one. You may check the printer’s connection to your Wi-Fi network by going to the settings on your computer. 

Check Power Supply:

Check that there is a steady power supply if your PC and printer are connected to a switch. After checking all the basic things check the software:

  • Go to Control Panel from the start menu
  • Go to the Devices and Printers section. In the new window, there will be showing the gadgets associated with your PC.
  • Check if you can find the Canon MX 920 printer. 
  • Go to the properties and go to Drivers
  • Check if your driver is up to date or not. 
  • Check for the updates in the window.
  • Install the latest drivers.

After this, you should be able to print. 

If your Canon MX920 printer still shows not respond, here are the steps of basic troubleshooting:

If you are using a USB cable to connect your MX920 to your PC,

  • Check the connection with your printer. If it’s not done correctly, reconnect and don’t use any hub. 
  • To test if it functions properly use your cable to connect to another USB port on your computer.
  • To check if the original cable you are currently using has any issues, you may also try using another cable.
  • These could help you understand why your Canon mx920 printer isn’t responding.

If you use the MX920 as a network printer,

  • Check your network connection and the network devices. 
  • Check your Canon mx920 printer’s network connection status to check if it is properly linked to the computer network.
  • You can reconnect or swap out your printer’s cable your printer is using to connect when utilizing a wired connection.
  • Try to reconnect to your wireless printer using your home or office network.

If you connect your Canon MX920 Printer via Bluetooth,

Repair your computer with the printer and check if the issue is solved. And make sure the printer is in the right proximity to your computer.

If your Canon MX920 printer is still not responding, then you have something wrong with your printer driver. Sometimes printers don’t take the auto driver updates and stay behind with the older versions of the drivers.

To update the printer driver, you can go to this website and download the latest driver.

If downloading and installing is very technical for you, then you can take help from an application called Drive Easy. It automatically recognizes your system and finds the most suitable drivers. 

  • Download and Install Drive Easy.
  • Open the application. Select Scan Now on the Drive easy program. Driver Easy will scan your computer according to the correct parameters to see if there are any problematic drivers. Your Canon Printer driver will be reinstalled by doing this. 

After this run some tests to make sure your printer is working fine. These are the methods of how you will fix your Canon MX920 not responding to the issue.

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Canon is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality printers. But sometimes some bugs and errors may arise. The Canon MX920 printer, not responding is one of the most common printer errors. If you troubleshoot the printer and the computer and reinstall the drivers, the issue will be solved.

Here in this article, there are four methods you can try accordingly and if you follow the methods hopefully the Canon MX920 printer not responding will be solved in no time.