Why GoPro Hero 4 Won’t Connect to App and How to Fix?
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Why GoPro Hero 4 Won’t Connect to App and How to Fix?

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Often times a user might face connection issues. And as a result, he/she cannot make the connection between their camera and the app. The reasons as to why GoPro Hero 4 won’t connect to app is varied.

Your camera might be connected to multiple devices; you could have too many devices already connected to your phone or you could have backdated or corrupted firmware. The reason can vary. The solutions will too.

In this article I will go through some of the most common pairing issue that a user can have with the GoPro Hero 4 and the Quik application. I will also talk in detail about how to troubleshoot them.

Why GoPro Hero 4 Won’t Connect To App?

A GoPro Hero 4, that does not seem to properly connect or respond to the app, might have a few issues working behind the scene. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this malfunction:

  • GoPro Hero 4 Connected to Another Device: If your Hero 4 camera is connected to another device, it might be causing interference that might create pairing issues.

It is good practice to connect your camera to one device at a time to avoid issues like this.

  • Backdated App: The GoPro Quik application needs to be updated whenever a new update is present on the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store. 

New updates increase compatibility among devices as well as getting rid of various bugs on the old version. 

If you are using an old version of the app, it could have compatibility issues with your GoPro Hero 4, preventing it from being connected properly. 

  • Too Many Connections on Your Phone: Even though your phone can connect to a lot of devices at the same time, due to wear and tear of hardware over its usage, it may lose a significant amount of power. 

Thus, devices tend to slow down as time progresses. If your device is connected to a lot of devices at the same time, it could potentially cause connectivity issues between the Quik app and your Hero 4 camera.

  • Backdated Camera Firmware: As I have mentioned before, backdated software often causes compatibility issues. Regardless of whether it is the GoPro Quik app, or your camera firmware. 

You have to regularly keep a lookout for newer firmware versions, and update your camera as soon as a new update is available. Because old firmware is one of the culprits of bad compatibility.

These are some of the reasons as to why GoPro Hero 4 won’t connect to app. But worry not, there are solutions available. I will talk about them in the next segment.

Troubleshooting App Connection Issues for the Hero 4

As I have mentioned above, a lot of factors can contribute to the compatibility error between the Quik app and your Hero 4. However, they can be fixed.

If any issue occurs, it is best to reset connections on both your phone and your camera.

Forgetting a Device on Android/iOS

Fig 1- Forgetting a Device

  1. Open your Settings application.
  2. Navigate to the Bluetooth options and select the device you wish to unpair.
  3. Tap on the name of the device.
  4. Tap Forget Device.
  5. A prompt will pop up to ensure your action.
  6. Tap on Forget Device again (Fig 1).

This will remove the device from your list of paired devices.

You might also want to reset connections from your GoPro Hero 4 camera.

Resetting Connections on GoPro Hero 4

  1. Turn on your camera.
  2. Press and hold the Settings button that is situated at the side of your camera.
  3. If you keep it pressed for approximately 3 seconds, the WiFi Mode options will pop up.
  4. Slide down to the Reset WiFi Settings options and tap on it.
  5. Tap on Reset again to confirm your operation.

However, if you do not wish to reset all connections, you could try to turn off the WiFi and turn it on again.

Restarting WiFi Connection on the Hero 4

  1. Keep pressing the Settings button for a couple of times.
  2. A pop up should appear which should read, “Turn Off WiFi”.
  3. Pres the shutter button to confirm your choice.
  4. This will shut down the WiFi connection of your Hero 4.
  5. To turn your WiFi back on, keep pressing the Settings button repeatedly again.
  6. A pop up reading “Select (WiFi) Control” should appear.
  7. Press the shutter button on your camera.
  8. This will turn the WiFi connectivity on your Hero 4 back on again.

Update the GoPro Quik App

  1. If you are using an android device, go to the Google Playstore app.
  2. If you are using an iOS device, open your App Store application.
  3. Search for the GoPro Quik application.
  4. If an update is available, tap on it.
  5. This will update your app to the latest version.

Updating the Hero 4 Firmware

Fig 2- Updating Hero 4 Firmware

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to the official GoPro website and navigate to the Hero 4 product page.
  3. Slide down to the section which says, “Other Ways to Update”.
  4. Click on “Update your camera manually”.
  5. It will forward you to a page with a form.
  6. Here you have to insert all the requested information about your camera, such as the serial number of your device and others.
  7. After providing the necessary info, click on Download Update.
  8. Click again on “Click here to download firmware”.
  9. Remove the SD card from your camera.
  10. Make sure the battery is fully charged.
  11. Make a new folder in your SD card, after inserting it into your computer, named “UPDATE”. This is case sensitive.
  12. Copy your downloaded files into the “UPDATE” folder.
  13. Remove your SD card and put it back into your computer.
  14. Turn your camera on.
  15. This should automatically update your Hero 4 firmware.
  16. Let the update complete.

These are some of the common fixes that you could implement to ensure a seamless connection between your Quik app and Hero 4 camera.


In this article I have discussed some of the reasons of why GoPro Hero 4 won’t connect to app as well as some of the fixes that you might implement to remedy the issue.

Connection issues are often very simple to fix and require very little time. I hope this article has helped you deal with any issues regarding your Hero 4 and the Quik app.

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